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Martha Lemnitzer 1901

20th Century | Germany

The small stitching patterns, very popular at that time, mostly in Leporello fold, were versatile. This alphabet of capital letters with small variations has great similarity with a French pattern by A. Royer from 1867/68.

Martha received a typical piece of fabric by her needlework teacher - bordered by red stripes on the right and on the left hand side, on top and on bottom. These uniform pieces of fabric should be filled by the pupils. Many samplers of the time were worked in "Turkish Red".

The little girls usually stitched different alphabets, corner motifs, their names, and the year, sometimes in different stitches. The piece had to be finished for assessment at the end of the school year - at Easter.

Martha has executed her two corner motifs with tiny blue variations. Each pupil an individual!

Crosses: 141 x 141
Size: 20 x 20 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch

Chart: 8,00 €
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