We share our homes with our samplers. My customers allow us a glance at their beautiful sampler walls. Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mail from Ursel Zscherper: “Here's more supplies for the gallery. The shades of blue remind me of Delft tiles.” Wow! Her “Barber Meins 1840/42” can only fascinate and leave you speechless. Admirable!

Jeanny Cobben sent some photos of small samplers she had recently stitched. Very very nice. Really classy. Impressive. Thank you very much!

Janny Ten Haaf can be very proud of her “M. P. Joppe 1886”, because it turned out beautifully. A masterpiece of patience. Great colors. Ute Reuter wrote to me about the photo of her “Metta Putfarcken 1848”: “... After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to send you my version of the Metta Putfarcken sampler. I jazzed it up a bit, stitching it on 22 count fabric in Petit Point stitch and using merceresed sewing thread. So this turned out to be very fine. You can probably see. You can't see at first glance what various patterns Metta has worked, which is precisely why you have to take the time and look twice or even three times. In my opinion, Metta's work is particularly valued. ..." A masterpiece. Your Metta looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.

A good month ago, Renate Markart-Franz sent me her rose girl “Leni Widmann ca. 1860”. She had just had her beautiful work framed. “It was tedious and took a while, but doesn’t it look great. I am inspired and will probably place my next order with you soon.” The old year ended well and the new year 2024 will certainly be just as creative. Thank you very much! I received pictures of several beautiful samplers worked by Margret Mester. I was very happy about “CEG 1737”, “AMN 1790” and “LDR 1753”. She had indeed been creative, including colour and motif changes. Her fourth sampler does not come from the 18th century. For comparison, I show my version next to it, my first sampler ever. Both are dated: 2022 and 1981.

Stephanie Dickerson has just finished stitching “EDFS 1807” and framed it. A little gem! Beautiful. Another magnificent specimen: Dorothea shows her “PAPA ca. 1880” not framed, but as a wall hanging. I would like to thank you very much for the photo and for the opportunity to present it here. Excellent!

Lydia Eberl wrote to me from Fürth, Bavaria: "It's done, the year's work is finished. Thank you for your commitment in the search for new and historical patterns. In autumn there will be time and leisure for the next sampler.” With her beautiful “CSK 1680” she joins the group of stitchers here. Great! I am looking forward to more. A.-M. Strandborg on her “Edward 1874”: “Hello, dear Sabine, here’s an update on Edward. My girlfriend is always trying to get me to knit and crochet. But I am steadfast. I stitch for a few hours every day. If nothing comes up due to health issues, I should be able to finish it soon. Many kind regards, Anne-Marit” WOW! GREAT!

"What takes a long time will finally be done. Been working on it for a long time, always between the samplers; but I did it. Was very good for using up leftover floss,” Elvira Farr wrote to me along with the images of her Museum Sampler III. My hands are clapping with excitement. Do you hear that now, too? Thank you for showing!

Christiane Kliebe wrote to me today: "Here comes my framed sampler 'IFAKHS 1817'! I worked it with Anchor 378 2 strands on light 32ct linen! It was a lot of fun. Now I'm going to stitch 'Anna Funke'! Thanks for the great patterns!” Congratulations! Thank you very much! I look forward to your "Anna".

Reproductions and originals. After the beds were made, my friend sent me a photo of her bedroom. Regarding the samplers, nothing has changed for a long time. Nevertheless, her collection is really an eye-catcher. On the left hand side Margit's reproductions, including my "WCM 1820". Great! Many thanks for sharing.

Also around this time I received from Florence Anne Caeymaex a photo of her "LDR 1753" on 16ct linen. She had just finished the sampler and thanked me for counting the original and making the pattern available. I have to thank her for showing and sharing this beauty. Bravo!!! Last but not least, Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp had finished her "Antoinette 1894-1896". Also stitched on 16ct linen with DMC 815. WOW!!! Congratulations!! I enjoy these embroidery works.

Ulrike Grommisch had to wait a few weeks before her "EDFS 1807" could be shown here. Her "pug sampler" looks wonderful. Ursel Zscherper wrote in early June: "Good morning! 14 months of 'work' and the result: a splendid specimen! It takes a lot of patience, but it's worth it. Many greetings from Düsseldorf to Berlin.” Wow! Your "Mette 1811/1825" looks great. My thumb goes up.

Bettina Büttner on Instagram: "Grete Rathmans 1788/89", a Vierlande Sampler by @european.reproduction.samplers

I have a finish. I love this beautiful sampler so much. I never ever expected to finish her in less than three months but I enjoyed stitching her so much. Fabric: Zweigart Kingston 56ct Rocky Mountain from @xjudesign; Thread: Au Ver à Soie, 100.3 

An amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing!

Christiane Zeddies wrote about her photo: "I have been following your website for years and I also receive your newsletter. I would like to show you a sampler of me today. It's not framed yet, so it might not be suitable for your gallery, but I wanted to show it as inspiration for a personal sampler. The image represents our personal map of the world. Geographically, it's sort of a map of the world. We (C&W) went out into the world from Pattensen, Germany. It was a lot of fun looking for suitable motifs in my many needlework books. I also unpicked a few things because I didn't like them anymore and didn't suit the environment.” Unframed works also belong on my Gallery site. Great! Thanks for showing!

Hélène Martial de France m'a écrit la veille de Noël: "J'avais déjà brodé votre modèle REH 1746 sur une toile "ancienne" avec les couleurs indiquées. J'ai tellement aimé le faire, que j'ai décidé de le broder à nouveau sur une toile blanche, avec des couleurs vives. Je viens de le terminer et je vous envoie les deux photos. Je commence maintenant le Grete Rathmans 1788/89, que je brode avec des fils de soie... un grand bonheur! Merci pour nous permettre de réaliser de tels ouvrages!" Les deux sont magnifiques. Merci beaucoup!

Michelle King wrote on Instagram: "I just finished stitching this sampler by European Reproduction Samplers from The Crewel Gobelin. I love the combination of cross stitch and pattern darning. 36 count linen antique white, Sajou fils dentelle for the cross stitch (beautiful thread to work with!) and a slightly thicker thread (vintage thread gifted to me) for the darning. If I hadn’t used that I would have considered using Wonderfil Spagetti or DMC Floche for the darning. Interestingly, the reproduction has the motifs all much closer together than the original. I quite liked the spacing of the original but it would have been quite large done that way. I still love it though. I think I need a red sampler wall!" Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!

Some time ago, my customers had the opportunity to download the "MAW" chart as a freebie. Therese Niemczura was the first to send me a photo of her sampler. Wow! I absolutely love her work - dated and signed. Thank you very much! Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp showed the “Museum Sampler III” on Facebook. I received a picture for the Gallery. Great! Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing!

A few hours ago, Florence Anne Caeymaex finished "Maria Tolrá 1900". She also stitched on 36 ct linen. Small and fine! Very beautiful! Elvira Farr from Neu-Ulm Burlafingen wrote about her "Hannah Wallis 1802": "You haven't heard from me for a long time, but I was still busy and stitched a few samplers, the cross stitch virus won't let you go. Here is my last project.” Thank you very much! Another great embroidery.

Ginny Kellar commented on the photo: "Drum roll…. I have a finish!!! After off and on stitching on BW 1880 it’s finished!!!  She was reproduced by Sabine Taterra. BW lived in Austria and the motifs were of the Berlin wool works style that was popular in that time. I stitched mine on 36 count linen and used DMC floss, 2 strands over 2 threads. It measures 12” x 38”. I started this about 5 years ago and put my last stitch in the end of August." Congratulations! Admirable - your patience to keep going and not give up!

Nicole Vanecke from Belgium must have liked the little "Margaret Kay 1842" very much, because she stitched her magnificent sampler in a short time. That's how it should be. Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you for showing us! Ruthild von Doernberg wrote with the photo of her "Frances Rae 1797" that the use of some of her needlework thread leftovers had made good progress with this sampler. “As you can see, in addition to the freedom of colour, I also took the freedom of design. But I think it turned out really nice!” Great! Thank you very much for the feedback and for sharing.

The month of May starts fantastically. Awesome - "Metta 1848" from the Vierlande area worked by Frédérique Breuzot ("J'ai adoré cette broderie et j'admire vraiment beaucoup votre travail.") from Paris, France with DMC 221 on Zweigart Lugana 25ct fabric. C'est génial! Merci infiniment!

It's always nice to see when customers go their own way. Julia Huesers stitched "PAPA ca. 1880" in red. Signed and dated. Excellent! Thank you very much! I received the photo of her "Anna Grimm 1883" worked by Florence Anne Caeymaex from Belgium, stitched on 45 count linen with DMC thread. Si finement brodé! Très beau!

Almost an antique. Many years ago my first hand drawn pattern of "DS 1842" was converted and published in craft magazines. I was quite happy. Carolina Rafenomanjato from France found me on Facebook and showed me her personalized reproduction of the sampler. Merci infiniment! Formidable! Here is the complete Bristol sampler "Annie 1888" by Jeanny Cobben, embroidered in petit point on 36 count linen with Soie d'Alger. The whole patch is 21 x 29 cm. Super goed! Erg mooi!

Leni - Rose Girl: Sue Hertzog's "Leni Widmann ca. 1860" is now hanging on the wall. Next to "Josepha Vogl 1846", stitched in 2015. Thank you very much for showing us. A few days before Easter, Ursel Zscherper wrote to me: "MV 1692 has become a real eye-catcher. The hemstitch is the icing on the cake. Your USZP” And all that with just one thread on 35ct linen. So delicate! Great.

Here's Danielle Farrugia's finished „Maria Tolrá 1900“. She had fun stitching it. Gorgeous. Thanks a lot for sharing. Sue Hertzog completed "Leni Widmann ca. 1860". She wrote: "Hi Sabine, just finished Leni, next week to the framer, as you see I left off the satin stitch, it made the sampler look less busy… I hope you don’t mind, XXXSue" I love her Leni - Rose Girl.

Two beauties by Stephanie Drury, one more beautiful than the other: "MV 1692" and "Grace 1893". There are two hundered years in between the original samplers. A pleasure.

Et voilà. „Martha Stones 1840“ worked by Nadine Caron from France. Magnifique! Merci beaucoup!

A family record in shades of blue. Marcella van Oost stitched "St. Gallen" with silks from Au Ver à Soie on very fine linen - probably 20 threads per centimetre. Great idea! Thank you!

"C. A. Bunch 1945", worked by Pat Weronko. "I stitched this fun sampler last year, I enjoyed every stitch! I am so glad you thought I did a good job stitching your fun, beautiful, happy sampler. It's hung in the bedroom my granddaughters sleep in when they visit. They love the girls dancing in the sampler." Wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing!

Maria Rosa Muià is currently showing her pillow with the "Flower Alphabet" at an exhibition in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The MOSTRA DI RICAMI A PUNTO CROCE will take place from November 20th to 28th, 2021 under the title “Embroidery, what I love”. With great joy and pride she provided me with a photo for the gallery. A hug and thank you very much!

Donna Lemos allows us all to see her wall with Ackworth samplers. Doesn't her "Rachel Wilson 1818" look beautiful? Donna: "Did you know her mother was Hannah Hicks who has her own quaker sampler...mother-daughter samplers totally rock. Rachel lives on my quaker sampler wall...Hannah Hicks is a wip." Gorgeous.

Sue Morris wrote to me abour her photo: "I’m so excited to finally have taken Gooitie 1701 to be framed, Sabine. Now to find the perfect place to hang her." Successful! A real joy. Donna Lemos on Facebook: "I did mine in red with a bunch of reds. I just kept stitching until there was no more room." It looks great, doesn't it? A red dream.

Short and sweet. Andrea Claiborn loved stitching "EDFS 1807". Splendid! Excellent! Many thanks! Congratulations to Cherie Anderson! She got the 2nd place at the North Carolina State Fair with her wonderful "EH 1875". Terrific! Thank you so much for sharing!

“Hello Mrs. Taterra-Gundacker, my first Saxon sampler is finished. Really long, longer, the longest. I mostly stitched with one thread over two threads, which is why it has become a bit more 'fragrant'. All the best for you and your husband, Ursel Zscherper (USZP)” Congratulations on your “REH 1746”! I admire you and your work. Thank you so much for sharing. Dorothy Howard just sent me a photo. She wrote: "There are errors, but it is still a beautiful sampler. The right most building is missing its steeple. I checked and double checked, but could not figure out what I did. I stitched this off and on between illnesses, so heaven only knows. I decided if the 'historic' stitchers could make errors, so could I." Amazing!

I received the Rose Girl from Anka Hartung - "Leni Widmann approx. 1860". “It was a lot of fun to stitch this wonderful sampler. Thank you.“ Thanks a lot! Adorable! It's high time. Finally here in the Gallery: I had the photo in my inbox weeks ago. "Martha Jones 1792" stitched by Laura Rodriguez in Mexico. A beauty.

Long. Longer. The longest. From Belinda Johnson, I received a long shot and detailed shots of her "REH 1746", embroidered over one thread. Nice, beautiful, gorgeous! Congratulations!


Today on Sunday morning I received a surprising email: "Hi dear Sabine, I made it, the Barber Meins is ready. Have a nice Sunday, Anne-Marit (Strandborg)" Congratulations! January - July 2021 Covid: Benjamine Dupleix wrote about her photo: "Et voici mon Antoinette 1894-1896. Fini. J'ai eu un très grand plaisir à le broder. Merci a vous." I have to thank. Great job.


Perfect! From front to back, top to bottom. After a long break, my friend Margit Guerrein rediscovered stitching and fell in love with "Grace 1893". A couple of crosses every day. Congratulations!

Custom-made and creative. June Lane from New Zealand took "Gertrud Gröschel 1895" and created a gorgeous sampler in memory of her grandmother Gertrude. "Introducing my grandmother, Gertrude. Wood carver, pianist, singer, choir mistress. Knitter and also crocheted. She also always had a budgie. Music on the right, craft on the left with a budgie. Dark blue letters are for my Grandmother, her mother, my daughter, my 4 granddaughters and the light blue for my mother (her daughter-in-law) and my daughter-in-law." Adorable! Quite surprisingly, I received a photo of Akemi Ninomiya from Japan in an email today. Her “Grete Rathmans 1788/89” is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing!

“It is really worth stitching Elisabeth. This piece and the pug sampler are my favourites,” Christel Ross emailed me with the photo of her “Elisabeth Osterberger 1867”. Thanks! She looks great. Only a few dare to take on the challenge of a “Dresden Lace”. Danielle Aerts from Belgium worked “FH 1910” - an examination piece of a prospective needlework teacher. Beautiful!



“Old love never dies” or “Good things come to those who wait”: Annie Walker wrote a few weeks ago that she was stitching one of my designs that was released in the magazine “Burda-special” in 1996. “WCM 1820” from the Stralsund Museum. She bought the booklet because she liked this old sampler. At that time she was still working. Now she would have had a little more time to complete this beautiful piece, she said and sent me photos. Merci beaucoup! Thank you so much! Françoise Li worked the darning or weaving sampler “St. Gallen” on 32ct Belfast linen by Zweigart with “Broder Spécial 25” color 498 by DMC. "A great finish for me," she said. I can only confirm that. Great!

I received a photo from Angelika Röhringer with the following message: "My 'BW 1880' is now framed. She turned out really beautiful. I wish you a relaxed Easter." Congratulations! Fantastic! Happy Easter! "Picked up 'EH 1875' reproduced by Sabine Taterra. I stitched her on 40 count vintage Maritime White with the called for threads. I’m thrilled with the frame," Michele Barton wrote on Facebook. Enchanting!

Here is a photo of Britta Hisek's "ACO 1772". Very very nice. She wrote: “I made a mistake at the top of the border, which I only noticed when I started the sampler the second time. I gave the first piece away, now I stitch it again for myself." Ursel Zscherper made herself and me very happy with her "RET 1714" on 35 ct linen for Easter. So beautiful again! Now she is looking forward to a Saxon sampler.

"Today I am sending you Therese Suchanek's sampler, which I have currently completed," Renate Rohrer wrote. “I didn't stitch the frame and her name. I really enjoyed my work again. The fabric I had is very tightly woven, so I was only able to work with 1 thread, which I think was very good" Thank you very much! Splendid. I received a picture of "C. A. Bunch 1945" from Pam Tanner. But she had not stitched the dancing children from the end of World War II, it was the work of her sister Pat Weronko. Cute!!!

"Mary Wigham 1790" on 28 ct linen stitched 1x1 with HDF fibers by Bhooma Aravamudan. "For now I am going to call my Mary Wigham completed. I left out the initials and added a few motifs in some places." Congrats! Enchanting. Lilian Kok only ‘signs’ samplers which she has designed herself or she has adapted in a significant way. Her picture shows a darning sampler that began life as "M. P. Joppe 1886". She added more darning patterns to fill the frame she already had and then stitched her name and the year. Terrific!


Françoise Ricard enjoys stitching her "Metta 1848", she wrote about her photos. Keep it up! Magnifique!

Michele Barton wrote about her photo on Facebook: "Hot off my scroll rods! 'EH 1875' by European Reproductions. Stitched on 40 count Vintage Maritime White with the called for threads." She added her longtime friend's initials and life dates as a memento. A lovely idea. Touching! Angelika Röhringer sent the first screenshot for the Gallery. After 16 months, her "BW 1880" is finished. Working on her sampler was a very good change and a challenge in difficult times. The frame will have to wait a little longer. The craftsman is 40 km away. Nice that she persevered. Thank you very much and get well again!

Ursel Zscherper's “SM 1678” reached me with the following message: “Here is another accession to the Gallery. It was a pleasure." It was my pleasure. So beautiful. And here is the beautiful "Karolina Kisling 1825" by Trijntje van Spil. Her friend Jantien Scholten sent me the photo. Great!

Bravo! Bravissimo, Deborah Higgs! "S. de Meulemeester 1895" done on Calico. Finished size 8.5cm x 6cm. Thread Gumnuts Star silk. Amazing! Margaret Bertrand wrote from Canada: "My mother, now 92, was more than half done with her LDR 1753 when she lost her eyesight to macular degeneration. I just finished it and signed it with both our names. I wish she could see it finished." Thank you so much for completing and sharing!


Right before Christmas I received small delicacies from Daniela Krause: "MW 1903", "M. Melzer approx. 1900", "Anna Grimm 1883", "Karolina Kisling 1825" and "Elsbeth Schoof 1918". All one over one stitched from summer to autumn 2020. Thank you so much!

 I received a photo of her “Hilma Lösner 1883” from Chantal Mignolet. She had stitched the sampler on 36ct linen 1 over 1 with La Soie d'Alger silk 1026. She's gorgeous, isn't she? I show three photos od her "CEG 1737" with further samplers by Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau. Adorable.

Lies van der Burg has long finished her beautiful “Wobcke Brandts 1796”. It's good that we can now admire her too. A pleasure! Bhooma Aravamudan wrote: "Hot off the rod! I finally finished a Bristol Sampler, 'Annie 1888' reproduced by Samplers Berlin. This is stitched on 28ct even weave with HDF silk Gigi’s Christmas." I love it.

Ton Wolswijk had a finish! M. P. Joppe 1886. Darning sampler. She made it in DMC blue 931 and linen 40 ct Zweitgart off white. The letters in baby blue. She is so happy with the result! Me too. Terrific! Michele Thompson Bruce sent me a quartet of European samplers, including "Anna Roenneke ca. 1900". So beautiful!

“This year is probably a good year for needlework. I completed the Flower Alphabet and almost finished is my Hometown Sampler with self-made motifs and patterns and motifs from various templates from 1600 to 2020 ... Greetings from Werben on the River Elbe from Margret Zwinzscher." Many thanks and best regards back!

Angela Muratet wrote from Montpellier: "I worked M. F. Tucher 1696 on 36ct linen, but with one thread of DMC only. Mary Gunter 1811, on the other hand, is made on 40ct linen (which I generally prefer)." Marvellous!


Sue Hertzog wrote sending her photo: "I just got back from my framer and thought you would like to get a first look at Louise Rigaud 1895. I used my mothers birth initials as I did for her 80th birthday. I also got two other samplers framed that I have wanted to for a long time. These samplers will all go in the guest room, so you will feel at home when you visit." Thanks a lot, Sue! It's smashing. Patrizia Ballarin from Italy sent me her reproduction of "WCM 1820", which she had worked many years ago. Che bello!

Barber Heitmanns may have used scraps of floss. In any case, Ursel Zscherper dared to do it. It was irrelevant how much yarn was left, she let me know. Thank you very much for the enchanting “Barber Heitmanns 1814”. Lois Suski wrote sending her "Karolina Kisling 1825": "This is my favorite part of the sampler so I just decided to stop at this point. I will put the original sampler's title and info on a label on the back when I frame it so Karolina  will be acknowledged." Great.

Small samplers worked in silk by Karen Bugg: "KS 1794" and "MTT 1858". Aren't they charming?

After a long time, Donna Lemos sent me a finished sampler again, her “Wobcke Brandts 1796” very fine on 16ct linen. A real gem! As promised, I received “DS 1842” by Nikola Pokoj - a reproduction of my first counted and charted sampler. Thank you very much! Lovely!

Jeanny Cobben's "M. P. Joppe 1886" tells its own tale. Super! TerryRose Bailey wrote on her "Anna Grimm 1883": "She was an absolute delight to stitch! My husband is absolutely in love with her! Thank you for providing this wonderful design to us and for your encouragement while I stitched her! My husband wants to try his hand at building a frame for her, so I will let you know how that proceeds." Thank you so much.


Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp from the Netherlands completed her „M. P. Joppe 1886“: „Ik heb hem net af. 16 draads linnen en DMC 928.“ Hartelijk dank. Excellent work! A photo of her “M. P. Joppe 1886” was also sent by Veerle Roose. “Pattern bought in Museum Goes, Netherlands. This was my first darning sampler, DMC 931. Greetings from Poperinge, Belgium.” Beautiful! And the hems as well!

"Quarantine made it possible," Beth Sells from Ohio wrote about the photos of her "Grete Rathmans 1788/89". This is a nice side of the global pandemic. Great.

Renate Rohrer from Berlin sent me a small selection of her embroidery, including her "DS 1842" and "DS 1812". They hang beautifully framed in the bedroom and in the holiday home. For 50 years she has been embroidering samplers with great enthusiasm. Thank you! Wonderful.

Yesterday I received an email from Rosemarie Löschenkohl with her "Anna Grimm 1823" in the attachment: "Started .......... and I couldn't stop until I made the last stitch today. I was delighted by these wonderful colours.“ Great! Today, as promised, Jeanny Cobben from Sittard, Holland sent a picture of her “M. L. de Kam, Goes 1896". It was a lot of fun for her. I'm excited.

Anka Hartung from Dresden finished "Johanna Vogl 1846" and "WCM 1820": "Thank you for this beautiful design! I had a lot of fun stitching. I worked in some strong colours and used existing silks on 40 ct linen. Thank you so much for this beauty!” It is my pleasure.

Sue Hertzog just finished her "Anna Grimm 1883" this week. "I stitched her on 22 count over 1 hole...and it came out 10.5 x 10 inches." What a tiny piece. Terrific! As promised Ginny Kellar sent me a photo of her finished "Margaret Kay 1842".  "She is clean and pressed! I will get her framed when I decide on a frame soon. I am so happy with this design and also so happy you found this sampler!!! I never thought I would ever see a sampler with my maiden name from the UK. I have been working on genealogy for years and I have traced back my Kay family to England. In fact my Great Grandfather Kay was born very near Manchester in a small town of Royton.  Maybe someday I will find a connection to Margaret Kay from Scotland? Manchester isn't very far from Scotland. Your charts are a pleasure to work from!" Thank you so much for all the expertise and love you put into your work!!!  


Today as well: "MAMAN 1880 - 1890". This time the version of Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp. Charming!

A great Easter present for me from Paris by my friend Brigitte Brandenburg: Her wonderful "Maman 1880-1890" is finished. I'm blown away. Merci beaucoup! After the holidays we continued with "Cecilia Millar 1828" by Ursel Zscherper. A showpiece, worked with one thread.

Daniela Krause wrote: "I have finally framed the last samplers, the new season can now come. Richelieu work was reserved for winter. I am sending you pictures of my embroidery work." Aren't "Leni Widmann", "Nannette 1837" and "Josepha Vogl 1846" beautiful to look at? Thank you very much for sharing with us.

"Finalmente finito." Enrica Fumagalli has finished "PAPA ca. 1880". She chose a different colour. Doesn't her work look great? Rosemarie Löschenkohl wrote: "My first work in 2020 is finished ..... beautiful as always. And now I'm waiting for the new sampler with the lovely colourful birds. I'm looking forward to it." I love her "Barber Heitmanns 1814".

Sue Hertzog sent me a picture of one of her favourite samplers, "Nannette 1837" from Switzerland. She signed it in the wreath. I am thrilled. Ursel Zscherper finished her "IFAKHS 1817" just in time for Christmas. A showpiece. Thank you so much!

Anne-Marit Strandborg is so happy to have finished a sampler again. Her "Rachel Wilson 1818" is gorgeous, isn't she? Amanda Blad a écrit dans les réseaux sociaux: "Il y a près d'un an, dans un SAL maison j'avais choisi de broder le très bel Haubarg 1783 de Sabine Taterra, reproduit d'après un original conservé au Altona Museum de Hamburg avec des Soies d'Alger d'Au Vers à Soie. Je l'ai fini pendant la canicule de cet été et le voici enfin de retour de chez mon encadreur. Il a tout de suite trouvé sa place dans mon entrée." Formidable!

Oh, how beautiful: For her 25th wedding anniversary Sue Hertzog from California designed her own sampler - from seven of my patterns. A fantastic idea! Congratulations!

A nice email reached me from Helga Urban-Baule: "Today I just want to write: Seven years ago I stitched my last sampler ... I have been living in Sweden for six years and have settled down very well. I still stitch, but not so much anymore, there are six samplers hanging on the wall. There are so many ways to be creative here. I'm fortunate enough to be part of an arts and crafts club, and fortunately I have children who appreciate my handicrafts." She shows all of us her "Metta 1848". Brilliant! Frances Smith wrote: "Here is my picture.  I had started EH 1875 on my big floor frame when I fell ill. I was soooo glad it didn’t affect my stitching. When I came home from the hospital the first place I went was to work on it." Thank you so much for sharing! It looks great.

Sue Morris wrote: "Gooitie Cornelis stitching is completed. Another beautiful Berlin Sampler chart. GR 1810 is finally home. I loved stitching her. Thank you! Sabine for the fantastic chart."

Peter Fehr wrote: "How can you increase happiness and joy? You cannot imagine how happy my Helga was when the three samplers arrived back home. Again and again she stands in front of the beautiful samplers now framed and behind museum glass. She often shows me details, so I can enjoy them as well. She keeps asking: How can I only thank those lovely women who did everything for me? On our 57th wedding anniversary I was able to present everything to Helga. Thanks a lot to you, Mrs Herzner, Mrs Tardivel and Mrs Gramer. The three samplers hang side by side and I will attach photos of the three ladies underneath, so that all friends admiring the samplers can see who has completed them."

Time and again, I love it when customers are happy and satisfied with their work. Anka Hartung sent me her "Flower Alphabet ca. 1830", stitched on 40ct linen. She wrote, "I've done it, the dream sampler. They just look so beautiful, those floral letters. Awesome!" I cannot add anything to that.

Janita Mantel finished "Metta 1848". "It was a lot of work, but I loved to stitch it on 40 count linen with eight silk colors." Fantastic! Thank you for sharing! "Now I have finished this sampler and have changed the colours a bit, as well as the writing parts. It has become a family sampler! It is my finest work and it has brought joy," Bettina Schibler wrote to her beautiful "BK RM 1779".

"First of all, my heartfelt thanks for helping to make my wife happy again," Peter Fehr wrote to me yesterday. "If my wife has a good time again, she is always in front of her work and cannot believe that she cannot stitch anymore. Christine Herzner, in whom we have won a dear friend, has given us the completed sampler of permin of copenhagen and you cannot imagine how my Helga was excited about it. Tears of joy have not been around for a long time and we still cannot believe that there are such lovely people you have communicated to us. I saw in your gallery that Mrs. Krista Gramer also had finished and sent my wife's started sampler. She had also written to me that it was finished. Now we are curious when it will arrive."

Margit Guerrein has long been done with her magnificent "Bristol CH". Finally she sent me a picture of the framed sampler. The reverse side is once again exemplary and unique.

Krista Gramer really enjoyed finishing "BK HS 1842" for Helga Fehr. "This is the Becke sampler from Sabine’s collection which I was very honored to complete for a lovely lady in Germany, Helga, who can no longer stitch. The first photo shows Helga’s work and the second photo shows my finish. Now it will go back to Helga in German." It is overwhelming. Thank you so much, Krista!