We share our homes with our samplers. My customers allow us a glance at their beautiful sampler walls. Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Rachel Wilson 1818: Reproduction by Anne-Marit Strandborg
Haubarg 1783: Reproduction by Amanda Blad

Anne-Marit Strandborg is so happy to have finished a sampler again. Her "Rachel Wilson 1818" is gorgeous, isn't she? Amanda Blad a écrit dans les réseaux sociaux: "Il y a près d'un an, dans un SAL maison j'avais choisi de broder le très bel Haubarg 1783 de Sabine Taterra, reproduit d'après un original conservé au Altona Museum de Hamburg avec des Soies d'Alger d'Au Vers à Soie. Je l'ai fini pendant la canicule de cet été et le voici enfin de retour de chez mon encadreur. Il a tout de suite trouvé sa place dans mon entrée." Formidable!

Sampler, Design Sue Hertzog
Sampler framed, Design Sue Hertzog

Oh, how beautiful: For her 25th wedding anniversary Sue Hertzog from California designed her own sampler - from seven of my patterns. A fantastic idea! Congratulations!

Metta 1848: Reproduction by Helga Urban-Baule
EH 1875: Reproduction by Frances Weeks Smith

A nice email reached me from Helga Urban-Baule: "Today I just want to write: Seven years ago I stitched my last sampler ... I have been living in Sweden for six years and have settled down very well. I still stitch, but not so much anymore, there are six samplers hanging on the wall. There are so many ways to be creative here. I'm fortunate enough to be part of an arts and crafts club, and fortunately I have children who appreciate my handicrafts." She shows all of us her "Metta 1848". Brilliant! Frances Smith wrote: "Here is my picture.  I had started EH 1875 on my big floor frame when I fell ill. I was soooo glad it didn’t affect my stitching. When I came home from the hospital the first place I went was to work on it." Thank you so much for sharing! It looks great.

Gooitie 1701: Reproduction by Sue Morris
GR 1810: Reproduktion by Sue Morris

Sue Morris wrote: "Gooitie Cornelis stitching is completed. Another beautiful Berlin Sampler chart. GR 1810 is finally home. I loved stitching her. Thank you! Sabine for the fantastic chart."

three reproductions, started by Helga Fehr, finished by three helpful women
on the wall three reproductions, started by Helga Fehr, finished by three helpful women
Photos © Heinz-Peter Fehr

Peter Fehr wrote: "How can you increase happiness and joy? You cannot imagine how happy my Helga was when the three samplers arrived back home. Again and again she stands in front of the beautiful samplers now framed and behind museum glass. She often shows me details, so I can enjoy them as well. She keeps asking: How can I only thank those lovely women who did everything for me? On our 57th wedding anniversary I was able to present everything to Helga. Thanks a lot to you, Mrs Herzner, Mrs Tardivel and Mrs Gramer. The three samplers hang side by side and I will attach photos of the three ladies underneath, so that all friends admiring the samplers can see who has completed them."

Flower Alphabet ça. 1830: Reproduction by Anka Hartung

Time and again, I love it when customers are happy and satisfied with their work. Anka Hartung sent me her "Flower Alphabet ca. 1830", stitched on 40ct linen. She wrote, "I've done it, the dream sampler. They just look so beautiful, those floral letters. Awesome!" I cannot add anything to that.

Metta 1848: Reproduction by Janita Mantel
BK RM 1779: Reproduction by Bettina Schibler

Janita Mantel finished "Metta 1848". "It was a lot of work, but I loved to stitch it on 40 count linen with eight silk colors." Fantastic! Thank you for sharing! "Now I have finished this sampler and have changed the colours a bit, as well as the writing parts. It has become a family sampler! It is my finest work and it has brought joy," Bettina Schibler wrote to her beautiful "BK RM 1779".

permin of copenhagen, Design No. HH 21240: Reproduction started by Helga Fehr
permin of copenhagen, Design No. HH 21240: Reproduction started by Helga Fehr, completed by Christine Herzner

"First of all, my heartfelt thanks for helping to make my wife happy again," Peter Fehr wrote to me yesterday. "If my wife has a good time again, she is always in front of her work and cannot believe that she cannot stitch anymore. Christine Herzner, in whom we have won a dear friend, has given us the completed sampler of permin of copenhagen and you cannot imagine how my Helga was excited about it. Tears of joy have not been around for a long time and we still cannot believe that there are such lovely people you have communicated to us. I saw in your gallery that Mrs. Krista Gramer also had finished and sent my wife's started sampler. She had also written to me that it was finished. Now we are curious when it will arrive."

Bristol CH: Reproduction by Margit Guerrein
Bristol CH: Back of Reproduction by Margit Guerrein

Margit Guerrein has long been done with her magnificent "Bristol CH". Finally she sent me a picture of the framed sampler. The reverse side is once again exemplary and unique.

BK HS 1842: Reproduction by Helga Fehr
BK HS 1842: Reproduction by Helga Fehr, finished by Krista Gramer

Krista Gramer really enjoyed finishing "BK HS 1842" for Helga Fehr. "This is the Becke sampler from Sabine’s collection which I was very honored to complete for a lovely lady in Germany, Helga, who can no longer stitch. The first photo shows Helga’s work and the second photo shows my finish. Now it will go back to Helga in German." It is overwhelming. Thank you so much, Krista!

Maria Lheureux 1890: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
Leni Widmann ca. 1860: Reproduction by Angelika Roehringer

It's done, the goal is reached: "Maria Lheureux 1890" is finished. I'm really happy with Ursel Zscherper about the result. Angelika Röhringer needed two years. "Leni - Rose Girl" really was a challenge. Beautiful!

Abigail Carman 1867: Reproduction by Angelika Röhringer
Josepha Vogl 1846: Reproduction by Angelika Röhringer

Angelika Röhringer picked up her framed samplers "Abigail Carman 1867" and "Josepha Vogl 1846" this week. They are so beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing.

REH 1746: Reproduction by Danita Bowman Fiscus

Danita Bowman Fiscus finished "REH 1746" over a year ago and has finally gotten it framed! Here she is in all her glory. Thank you.

Maria Lheureux 1890: Reproduction by Brigitte Brandenburg
LDR 1753 and SES 1725: Reproductions by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
SES 1725: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
LDR 1753: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl

Not only Maria Lheureux is happy, but also Brigitte Brandenburg from Paris. Her "Maria Lheureux 1890" is framed and hangs on the wall. So beautiful! Rosemarie Löschenkohl sent pictures of "LDR 1753" as well as "SES 1725" and wrote: "Have put again two of your wonderful patterns into practice. The angel with the street shoes and the canal house beautify our dining room wall. I look forward to the next samplers. Impressive.

Grete Rathmans 1788/89: Reproduction by Belinda Johnson on the Frame
Grete Rathmans 1788/89: Reproduction by Belinda Johnson

Belinda Johnson was very proud when she finished her "Grete Rathmans 1788/89" and showed her on Facebook. Congratulations! Great!

MHL 1685: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
Ellen WinStanley 1855: Reproduction by Sue Hertzog

Ursel Zscherper shows her "MHL 1685" and wrote: "MHL has become very beautiful, but especially the magnificent peacock of Sibmacher." The hemstitch is labour-intensive, but it is decorative. " Indeed, a gem! Sue Hertzog sent her "tiny" first finish for 2019 - "Ellen WinStanley 1855". She had fun stitching her, 14 x 15 cm. Thank you, Sue. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Needlework by Gerda Hesse
EH 1875: Reproduction by Gerda Hesse

Slow and steady wins the race. Stitching and framing are very important to Gerda Hesse and her husband Rudi from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Here is a little insight into her home, including "EH 1875". Many thanks!

[Translate to English:] Grete Rathmans 1788/89 von Alice Luciani und BK RM 1779 von Laura Bruzzone
[Translate to English:] Grete Rathmans 1788/89: Reproduktion von Alice Luciani

A wonderful "Grete Rathmans 1788/89" stitched by Alice Luciani is displayed at the show in Reggio Emilio, too. Alice wrote me: "Sono felicissima di esporre il mio lavoro nel vostro sito ...grazie!!! Mi sento importante!!! La realizzazione del ricamo mi ha dato tantissima soddisfazione!!! It's a pleasure.

MTAB 1845: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
BK RM 1779: Reproduction by Laura Bruzzone

It took a while, but now "MTAB 1845" is finished, wrote Ursel Zscherper. I'm so happy to show you her needlework here. "BK RM 1779" worked by Laura Bruzzone can be admired from 17 to 25 November 2018 at the Mostra dell'Associazione Italiana Punto Croce in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Title of the exhibition: "Dall'antico al moderno un viaggio nel mondo dei samplers ... con ago e con filo". Great!

Grete Rathmans 1788/1789: Reproduction by Erica Uten
EH 1875: Reproduction by Ruthild von Dörnberg

Erica Uten finished her "Grete Rathmans 1788/1789". 48 count Italian linen, DMC thread. She had a lovely time stitching this sampler. Great! Now the beautiful sampler from Austria is completed! Ruthild von Dörnberg is very happy that she has ventured on this time-consuming and tricky work, because the result is really delightful! Now it has to be framed, then it will be a wedding present. Hooray!

Haubarg 1783: Reproduction by Renate Rohrer
FK AM 1896: Reproduction by Jeanny Cobben

Renate Rohrer sent an image of her slightly modified sampler "Haubarg 1783". She has a small thatched cottage on Eiderstedt. There are many farm houses with high thatched roofs (Haubarge). When embroidering she had a lot of fun. A real pleasure! Jeanny Cobben stitched "FK AM 1896". Wonderful, a small piece for her treasure chest. And there is still a lot in there.

SG 1812: Reproduction by Bettina Schibler
Hannah Wallis 1802: Reproduction by Bettina Schibler
Antonie Buzzi 1845: Reproduction by Bettina Schibler

Since the end of 2014, Bettina Schibler from Basel has embroidered on the three samplers "SG 1812", "Hannah Wallis 1802" and "Antonie Buzzi 1845". She personalized them and she is thrilled. Me too!

Agnes Martha Lisney 1879: Reproduction by Sue Hertzog
LDR 1753: Reproduction

Sue Hertzog finished her latest sampler, the map sampler "Agnes Martha Lisney 1879". Sue wrote: "It was originally done by my great-grandmother Agnes. I grew up seeing this sampler on the wall. But after more than 130 years it had started to fall apart. Sabine charted her so she could be reproduced and stitched again." A customer provided me with her "LDR 1753" for the gallery. The roses are to hide her name and the year in the corner. Both are impressing!

CAK 1769: Reproduction by Ruthild von Dörnberg
Josepha Vogl 1846: Reproduction by Nini List

Ruthild von Dörnberg wrote she had finished the lovely sampler "CAK 1769" finally. I am really happy with the result. I received an image of "Josepha Vogl 1846" - personalized and framed - by Nini List from the Netherlands. I am excited.

MW 1903: Reproduction by Terry Niemczura
GR 1810: Reproduction by Chantal Mignolet

Terry Niemczura just finished this beautiful sampler - "MW 1903". Terrific! "GR 1810" de Chantal Mignolet sur une toile 14/16 fils / cm en 1/1 avec de la soie "Gloriana" noire. Fantastique!

In Memory MTR 1854: WIP by Susan Taylor
LDR 1753: Reproduction by Joanne McGahagan

Susan Taylor wants to show her progress on "In Memory MTR 1854".  Only thing left is the border and finishing the center of the cross.  Done on 36 ct Examplar. Finished and framed now: "LDR 1753" worked by Joanne McGahagan. Thank you so very much.

Daisy 1899: Reproduction by Karine
Luise Traudt 1890: Reproduction by Petra Gerritsen

Karine from France finished "Daisy 1899" in blue. "I have just changed one thing: I stitched a harp (left, below) instead of a thing Daisy stitched but that I couldn't identify, and that was quite ugly." Magnifique! It was a great pleasure for Petra Gerritsen to stitch the sampler "Luise Traudt 1890". She used DMC floss, some patterns are worked with one thread. Fancywork!

Martha Jones 1792: Reproduction by Lisa Antonelli Della Porta
Martha Stones 1840: Reproduction by Doris Bing

Lisa Antonelli Della Porta used 32 ct Zweigart natural linen and the called for DMC floss (with one change on the brown for the lettering). Impressing! Doris Bing finished one more little girl & boy in “red”. Really cute!

AEK 1751: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
LK 1817: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl

"AEK 1751" and "LK 1817" worked by Rosemarie Löschenkohl. Finally framed. That's great!

MW ca. 1900: Reproduction by Michèle Wagner
M. P. Joppe 1886: Reproduction by Eve Garrick Zelinsky

"MW ca. 1900" worked by MW! Michèle Wagner from Etzling, France had the turbo on. I am excited. Eve Garrick Zelinsky from Iowa finished and framed her version of "M. P. Joppe 1886". It took quite some time for the framer and Eve to find the just perfect frame. They chose well - it came out looking very soft and snowy. She used DMC 3768. Great success!

St. Gallen: Reproduction by Joanne McGahagan
PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Ton Wolswijk

Joanne McGahagan from Hollidaysburg finished "LDR 1753" finally. She has been working on it since last summer. She will send another picture of it when it is framed. Great! Already framed is "St. Gallen" by Ton Wolswijk, worked with one floss of DMC 931 on 40 ct Zweigart linen. Charming!

MFT 1696: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
MW ca. 1900: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

What a surprise by Ursel Zscherper on New Year's Day! She finished "MFT 1696" and "MW ca. 1900". A great start into the year 2018.

St. Gallen: Reproduction by Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp

Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp from Deventer (Netherlands) finished her first "stoplap". Worked on 40ct linen with DMC 3740. It wasn't easy. Cheers! Congratulations!

PAPA ca. 1880: Variation by Ulrike Brockmann

Ulrike Brockmann ripped six motifs up to create her variation of "PAPA ca. 1880". Now it hangs above her sofa. Eye candy!

"Il fascino del Punto Croce tra storie e simboli"

Louise Rigaud 1895: Reproduction by Anna Pagotto
Variation of M. Levy ca. 1840: Cushion
Amy Hartley 1804: Cushion by Fausta
BW 1880: Reproduction by Susanna Ceccon

Paola Osele sent pictures of the exhibition "Mostra dei lavori delle Socie" of the "Associazione Italiana del Punto Croce" in Baveno, Italy. Mille grazie!

Friederike Henkel 1853: Unframed Reproduction by Monika Reschke
Friederike Henkel 1853: Framed Reproduction by Monika Reschke

Perfect! Framed with a red, narrow frame. Selected by Monika Reschke from Essen, Germany for her "Friederike Henkel 1853". Just perfect!

BKRM 1779: Reproduction by Michele Barton

She's beautiful, isn't she? "BKRM 1779" worked by Michele Barton is framed now. 

Gardryth Timmans 1831: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
LDR 1753: Reproduction by Terry Niemczura

The latest of her works: Ursel Zscherper's "Gardryth Timmans 1831". Again a very pleasant result. Terry Niemczura from Ohio just finished "LDR 1753". She converted the DMC threads to silks and I think it turned out beautifully.

SM 1678: Reproduction by Marlene Straßburger
M. F. Tucher 1696: Reproduction by Marlene Straßburger

Marlene Straßburger presents two finished samplers, "SM 1678" and "M. F. Tucher 1696". The first has been waiting for years as an UFO, stitched on two continents, the second one has been worked in Japan over the last two months. They gave her a lot of pleasure, so she started off with her third piece.

S. de Meulemeester 1895: Reproduction by Gerda van Buuren
LDR 1753: S. de Meulemeester 1895: Reproduction by Gerda van Buuren

This is a pint-sized sampler worked by Gerda van Duuren, "S. de Meulemeester 1895". Rosemarie Löschenkohl wrote sending her "LDR 1753": A new piece is ready again, it is only waiting for the frame. As always it was a lot of fun. Both are stunning.

MW ca. 1900: Reproduction by Gerda van Duuren
Kath. Keppel 1910: Reproduction by Gerda van Duuren

"Weer twee kleine lapjes klar." Gerda van Duuren from North Holland has finished two small samplers again: "MW ca. 1900" and "Kath. Keppel 1910". Lekker!

PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp

"PAPA approx. 1880" is perfect for individual variations. Hanneke Jongepier-Harskamp finished her PAPA in time for Father's Day. Congratulations!

Daisy 1899: Reproduction by Anne-Marit Strandborg
Friederike Henkel 1853: Reproduction by Margit Ortmann-Scholz

I am grateful for having a place to present the beautiful works of my customers. Anne-Marit Strandborg has worked from bottom to top. "Daisy 1899" is her first signed sampler. My friend Margit Ortmann-Scholz enjoys her "Friederike Henkel 1853" every day. She still looks for a suitable frame.

PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Susan Coulson
Deborah Cockin 1806: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch

What a suprise on Sunday morning! Susan Coulson was excited to tell me that she had finished "PAPA ca. 1880". It is stitched on 50 count linen with Mermaid Blue by Hand Dyed Fibers. Really a good morning. The next day things went on like this. Ulrike Grommisch sent her "Deborah Cockin 1806". A great start into the new week.

[Translate to English:] PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduktion von Mireille Martini
MK 1685: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

From Switzerland, Mireille Martini sent her smart "PAPA". Thank you so much! An Easter egg lay in my nest today: "MK 1685" worked by Ursel Zscherper. What a surprise! Thanks a lot!

ESHS 1810: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
Maria Verdura ca. 1900: Reproduction by Anne-Marit Strandborg

On special occasions, Ursel Zscherper presents herself with a needlework kit. She is an enthusiastic and versed stitcher. Here I display her latest beauty: "ESHS 1810". Anne-Marit Strandborg from East Frisia stitched her first sampler, "Maria ca. 1900". Super! Join the club!

WCM 1820: Reproduction by Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau
WCM 1820: signed and dated by Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau

Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau always signs her beautiful reproductions. Here is a perfect "WCM 1820".

Mary Gunter 1811: Reproduction by Inguna Krastina

Inguna Krastina's last finish of 2016 - "Mary Gunter 1811" by European Reproduction Samplers. Stitched on Gander linen (19 threads/cm) with silks. Here and there she used a bit of hand dyed cotton threads, for example, the house is stitched with Brandied Pears by Classic Colorworks. Great!

Antoinette 1894-1896: Reproduction by Renée Kieffer
Amy Hartley 1804: Reproduction by Elke Brijoux

Renée Kieffer: "Voilà Antoinette 1894-1896 dans toute sa splendeur ... 16 fils!!! Brodée avec du fil de coton couture au petit point sur 1 fil." Résultat superbe! "Amy Hartley 1804", still wrinkled and not framed because she was finished on New Year's Eve. Amy gave much pleasure to Elke Brijoux. She stitched on 36 ct Zweigart Edinburgh white with AVAS.

Nellie Gruitroy 1901: Reproduction by Jeanny Cobben
Stoplappen: Reproductions by Jeanny Cobben

Jeanny Cobben sent two photos. Once "Nellie Gruitroy 1901" and wrote: "It was a pleasure to stitch this 'stoplap'." In addition, her darning samplers, "Nellie" together with "St. Gallen" and "S. de Meulemeester 1895". What a joy!

Josepha Vogl 1846: Reproduction by Chantal Mignolet
Josepha Vogl 1846: Detail of Reproduction by Chantal Mignolet

Chantal Mignolet worked "Josepha Vogl 1846" 1 over 1 on 35ct Lakeside linen with DMC cottons. Amazing!

ACG 1728: Reproduction by Margret Zwinzscher
Frances Rae 1797: Reproduction by Margret Zwinzscher
CAK 1769: Reproduktion von Margret Zwinzscher

"Frances Rae 1797" by Margret Zwinzscher from Werben is nearly completed and the two other samplers are framed and hang in the living room. Thank you so much for these lovely works.

Herbal pillow I by Gaby Nödl-Ebert
Herbal pillow II by Gaby Nödl-Ebert

Two motifs of the sampler "BW 1880" processed in herbal pillows by Gaby Nödl-Ebert from Vienna. "They are such lovely motifs and so easy to reproduce thanks to your patterns."

SG 1812: Reproduction by Kathy Born

Kathy Born fell in love with the design and stitched "SG 1812" on 35 count, one over two with a mix of threads to go with the hint of tan in the background. Fascinating with the frame!

M. F. Tucher 1696: Reproduction by Brigitte Waltering

Brigitte Waltering sent me her next finished sampler - still unframed. She stitched it in silk on 40 ct linen. I like her "M. F. Tucher 1696" and hope that you enjoy the flowers. So that my gallery can grow, Ursel Zscherper from Dusseldorf sent me her "Hannah Wallis 1802". Thank you so much and congratulations! Everyone is happy.

REH 1746: Reproduction by Brigitte Waltering
REH 1746, top section: Reproduction by Brigitte Waltering
REH 1746, bottom section: Reproduction by Brigitte Waltering
EH 1785: Reproduction by Brigitte Waltering
EH 1785 on cushion: Worked by Brigitte Waltering

Finally, Brigitte Waltering from Münster, Germany came to take pictures. Perfectly played to the gallery are her treasures: "REH 1746" und "EH 1785".

Gooitie 1701: Reproduction by Joanne Aboud McGahagan
Kath. Keppel 1910: Reproduction by Jeanny Cobben

Joanne Aboud McGahagan from Pennsylvania proudly presented her "Gooitie Cornelis 1701", worked on 40 ct linen, on Facebook. A beauty! Jeanny Cobben stitched "Kath. Keppel 1910" on 40 ct linen "cloud brown" using Aurifil floss - red 2260 and blue 2775. Super!

Emma Pêcheur 1910-1911: Reproduction by Gerda Van Duuren
Hilda 1905: Reproduction by Gerda Van Duuren
S. de Meulemeester 1895: Reproduction by Gerda Van Duuren
Urbanie Baylac ca. 1900: Reproduction by Gerda Van Duuren

Four red school samplers with small darning exercises. "S. de Meulemeester 1895" even made Gerda Van Duuren from the Netherlands addicted. She works it on 40 ct linen. Therefore, it is only 4 x 5 inch in size. Awesome!

Red Rose 1878: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
Red Rose 1878 by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
LK 1817: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
LK 1817 by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
AEK 1751: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
AEK 1751 by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
EH 1875: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
EH 1875 by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
AVS 1731: Reproduction by Raffaella Alemanno
AVS 1731 by Raffaella Alemanno
EDFS 1807: Reproduction by Raffaella Alemanno
EDFS 1807 by Raffaella Alemanno

Today was an outstanding day. Raffaella Alemanno from Torino, Italy and Rosemarie Löschenkohl had been diligent and sent me photos of their work. "Whether small gem or splendid showpiece - stitching was a lot of fun. I am grateful for every new sampler."

BK RM 1779: Reproduction by Michele Barton
Wobcke Brandts 1796: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Michele Barton finished "BK RM 1779". Stitched with the called for DMC except for the cream color because it was the same color as her linen which was 40 count linen. Marvelous! A beautiful Easter greeting sent by Ursel Zscherper from Dusseldorf: Her "Wobcke Brandts 1796" was finished in time for the holidays.

Metta 1848: Reproduction by Heather Long
Metta 1848 framed: Reproduction by Heather Long

Heather Long wishes she could know more about Metta, how her life turned out. She stitched "Metta 1848" on 35 count linen with silk threads from Vikki Clayton (HDF) of a custom color. Impressing!

C. A. Bunch 1945: Reproduction by Mireille Martini
Martha Deane 1811: Reproduction by Holly Rison

"C. A. Bunch 1945" stitched by Mireille Martini is smashing. Holly Rison showed her beautiful "Martha Deane 1811" in a needlework group on Facebook. Thank you so much for the picture!

WCM 1820: Reproduction by Jackie Reagan
LDR 1753: Reproduction by Linda Wallace

Jackie Reagan has her own "WCM 1820" now and she enjoys looking at it every day. A pleasure! Linda Wallace wrote: "This is "LDR 1753" by Sabine Taterra. It is the first of her repros I have stitched & I loved it. Her charts & historical info were great." Perfectly wonderful!

St. Gallen I: Reproduction by Rielle Konings van Montfort
St. Gallen II: Reproduction by Rielle Konings van Montfort

Rielle Konings van Montfort from the Netherlands could not overcome the temptation to stitch the doorstoplap "St. Gallen" zu. "It was a pleasure to work it! I used Aurifil 28/2 colour 2783 on Edinburgh linen. It is so nice to see that the reverse side is the negative of the front."

M. Levy: Reproduction by Elisabeth Prady
Friederike Henkel 1853: Reproduction by Lois Suski

"M. Levy" worked by Elisabeth Prady from Clermont-Ferrand, France was completed some time ago. I got the photo today. Be glad with me! Lois Suski stitched her "Friederike Henkel 1853" with Vikki Clayton's "BeRedded" silk on vintage linen. Terrific!

WCM 1820: Reproduction by Renate Frey
Nannette 1837: Reproduction by Renate Frey

Signed and dated: Renate Frey from Langerringen fancies Biedermeier samplers. Here are her magnificent works "WCM 1820" and "1837 Nannette".

St. Gallen: Reproduction by Véronique Vinel

A beautiful start into the new year. Véronique Vinel finished "St. Gallen". Merci! "Saint Gallens - lin 16 fils Sand Cloud "Sew It All" ancienne mouture. Que du bonheur!!!!"

Eiderstedt Haubarg 1783: Reproduction by Elke Brijoux
PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Marlies Molman-van Der Bom

Elke Brijoux presented her embroideries dated 2015 on Facebook. The "Eiderstedt Haubarg 1783" is one of them. An eye-catcher! Marlies Molman-van Der Bom from Breda, Netherlands worked "PAPA ca. 1880" with one thread on 40 ct linen. "I changed many squares. What a pleasure to stitch it!"

LDR 1753 wip: Reproduction by Linda Wallace
Gardryth 1831 small: Reproduction by Kara McLouth

Linda Wallace from Knoxville has fun with "LDR 1731" She works on 40 count Weeks Dye Work linen beige. She uses a darker color palette. Kara McLouth from Huntsville wrote: "I finished my Gardryth (small). It is one of the most enjoyable samplers that I have ever stitched and went very quickly. I am sending along a photo. The photo was taken prior to framing." I was absolutely delighted.

PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Bernadette Wijnhoven

Bernadette Wijnhoven from the Netherlands signed her PAPA in red and displayed the sampler us all on Facebook. Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau stitched the Amsterdam house in 2010 for the first time, once again in 2014. Now she is very happy with this third version worked with DMC over one thread of cream 25ct linen. Size 14.2 x 15 inch. Amazing!

Antoinette 1894-1896: Reproduction by Renée Kieffer
C. A. Bunch 1945: Reproduction by Angelika Röhringer

"Antoinette 1894-1896" en 1 fil sur 1 sur une toile de 12. Renée Kieffer: "Voilà c'est fait après 5 mois de petits points Antoinette est sur la toile...ouf!!!!!!" Formidable! Angelika Röhringer sent a picture of her "C. A. Bunch 1945". In my opinion it is very well done.

MAW: Reproduction by Marilyn Hall
MAW: Reproduction by Barbara Daffner

In 2010, the pattern of the Bristol sampler "MAW" was a freebie for my customers on the occasion of the 5th company anniversary. Mary Hall and Barbara Daffner finished their nice pieces.


Daniela Krause's embroidery
Therese Suchanek 1884 and WCM 1820: Reproductions by Daniela Krause

Daniela Krause from Ueberlingen sent me prints of her embroidery, including the beautiful "Therese Suchanek 1884" and "1820 WCM". Thanks!

St. Gallen: Reproduction by Jeanny Cobben
Goes 1896: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Jeanny Cobben worked "St. Gallen" on 40 ct linen using DMC 815, Ursel Zscherper sent a picture of her "Goes 1896" variation. A delight both!

Daisy 1899: Reproduction by Christel Ross
EH 1875: Reproduction by Pam Tanner

Christel Ross worked „Daisy 1899“ with silks on 35 ct linen. Applause, applause! Pam Tanner on her EH 1875: "She’s a beauty! So glad I stitched her and love the frame I picked for her." Really a dream!

Mette Putfarckens 1811/1825: Reproduction by Helga Fehr
Mette Putfarckens 1811/1825: Reproduction by Helga Fehr

Now Helga Fehr looks for a nice place to display her framed "Mette Putfarckens 1811/1825". Very impressive! 

MW 1903: Reproduction by Ursel Herschel
C. Zechendorf 1898: Reproduction by Ursel Herschel

Two treasures worked by Ursel Herschel: the German school samplers "MW 1903" and "C. Zechendorf 1898"!

EDFS 1807: Reproduction by Nathalie J.
Ida Anker 1872: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch

Nathalie J. from Nancy, France stitched "EDFS 1807". Magnifique! "Ida Anker 1872" worked by Ulrike Grommisch in bright red! Fair and beautiful!

PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Gerard Quak
Nannette Hässig 1837: Reproduction by Angelika Röhringer

Gerard Quak from the Netherlands used 45ct linen for his variation of "PAPA ca. 1880". Those eight rectangles that are repeated, he replaced with his own creations. Very nice! 277.5 hours of needlework pleasure - Angelika Röhringer and "Nannette 1837".

Martha Jones 1792: Reproduction by Dawn Chronis
C. A. Bunch 1945: Reproduction by Bhooma Aravamudan

The beautiful "Martha Jones 1792" currently gets a magnificent frame. Dawn Chronis can not wait to get back her first reproduction. With the dancing children, Bhooma Aravamudan demonstrated good skills again. She stitched "C. A. Bunch 1945" on 36ct linen with HDF silks.

BKRM 1779: Reproduction by Jackie Reagan
BKRM 1779: Reproduction by Jackie Reagan

Jackie Reagan from Missouri has just finished "BKRM 1779": "This was a fun and colorful stitch. I used 36 ct cream and the DMC threads recommended."

Ann Davies 1807: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Ursel Zscherper’s "Blue Wonder" from 1807 has just been completed. Once again, an exquisite piece!

Mette Putfarckens 1811/1825: At the Framer's
Antoinette 1894-1896: Reproduction by Margit Guerrein

Helga Fehr managed it and "Mette 1811/1825" waits for its crowning edge. This time Margit Guerrein worked her "Antoinette 1894-1896" with Gütermann silk – down to the right her initials and the year.


Josepha Vogl 1846: Reproduction by Sue Hertzog
S. de Meulemeester 1895: Reproduction by Jeanny Cobben

Sue Hertzog finished just in time for Valentine's Day - the lovebirds from "Josepha Vogl 1846". It was a pleasure to darn, Jeanny Cobben wrote, sending her "S. de Meulemeester 1895 ". It is a pleasure for me to show both of the samplers here.

Amy Hartley 1804: Reproduction by Deborah Rowland
Amy Hartley 1804: Detail of Reproduction by Deborah Rowland
Amy Hartley 1804: Reproduction by Deborah Rowland Signed and Dated

"It was so enjoyable working on the Amy Hartley sampler after admiring it from afar so many years." Deborah Rowland wanted to share the results with us. A delight! Silks were substituted from her inventory after comparing the closest matches she had to the DMC. Not enough dark green silk was available so she used several shades of green instead. After stitching in cross stitch the entire time she took liberties in adding four eyelets in the blue flowers under Amy's name. As final homage to the original, the sampler was hemstitched with her name and date in the turned under hem.

Nannette 1837: Reproduction by Angelika Röhringer

Angelika Röhringer sent a WIP picture of her "Nannette 1837".

Frances Rae 1797: Reproduction by Margit Guerrein
Frances Rae 1797: back side of reproduction by Margit Guerrein

Margit Guerrein's "Frances Rae 1797" is beautiful all around.

Haubarg 1783: Reproduction by Rosemarie Löschenkohl
BK HS 1842: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

A beautiful new construction: The large "Haubarg" by Rosemarie Löschenkohl is completed. With constructional defects, as usual in the building trade. Ursel Zscherper finished "BK HS 1842". The reproduction is - as the "predecessors" - incredibly beautiful again.

Edward 1874: Reproduction by Anita Johansen
Holly K. Rison's Quaker Wall

It was a joy for Anita Johansen to work "Edward 1874". Wondeful! Gorgeous! Holly K. Rison sent a picture of her great Quaker wall - including "Martha 1811", "1803 Eliza" and "AH 1810".

WCM 1820: Reproduction by Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau
C. A. Bunch 1945: Reproduction by Renée Kieffer

Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau has been personalizing and dating her samplers for years, here "WCM 1820". „C. A. Bunch 1945“ agencé à la façon de Renée Kieffer, ajouté la suite de l'ABC, supprimé la croix et déplacé quelques motifs. Formidable!

Maria Verdura ca. 1900: Reproduction by Bea Sloof
Maria Verdura ca. 1900: detail of reproduction by Bea Sloof
Maria Verdura ca. 1900: detail of reproduction by Bea Sloof

Bea Sloof from the Netherlands worked "met veel plezier" on the merklap "Maria Verdura" and dated and signed her piece.

BK RM 1779: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
S. de Meulemeester 1895 and Goes 1896: Reproductions by Brigitte Brandenburg

Ursel Zscherper has made it! Her "BK RM 1779" is a feast for the eyes, too. The two framed darning samplers "S. de Meulemeester 1895" and "Goes 1896" by Brigitte Brandenburg are plain and beautiful.

M. P. Joppe 1886: Reproduction by Heike Götz
S. de Meulemeester 1895: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Heike Götz sent greetings from southern Germany - her "M. P. Joppe 1886". Classy! A great eye-catcher is Ursel Zscherper's small darning sampler. Her "S. de Meulemeester 1895" turned out really cute.

Sidonie 1890: Reproduction by Bhooma Aravamudan
MTT 1858: Reproduction by Therese Niemczura

A Saxon beauty from Bhooma Aravamudan - "Sidonie 1890"! Therese Niemczura enjoyed stitching "MTT 1858". It looks so beautiful and elegant.

KS 1794: Reproduction by Donna Lemos
MTT 1858: Reproduction by Donna Lemos

Red and blue - lovely small Vierlande samplers stitched by Donna Lemos on 40ct linen: "KS 1794" and "MTT 1858" look awesome.

Dorothea Padies: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch
Elisabeth & Willi 1911: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch

Finally nicely framed and on the wall: "Dorothea Padies", "Elisabeth & Willi 1911" and "Louise Rigaud 1895" by Ulrike Grommisch. Great!

Louise Rigaud 1895: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch
CEG 1737: Reproduction by Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau

I first saw Rosa Gonzalez Pasquau's beautiful reproduction of "CEG 1737" on Facebook. Now I can show it here.


© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl
© Rosemarie Löschenkohl

Living with samplers. Rosemarie Löschenkohl shares her home with us. Many thanks!

DS 1842 worked by Renée Kieffer
BW 1880 worked by Anka Meyer

Renée Kieffer from Alsace chose "DS 1842" for her family sampler. Anka Meyer enjoyed every motif and signed her "BW 1880". Merci beaucoup and thank you!

Martha Jones 1792 stitched by Doris Brown

Doris Brown from Littleton, USA sent a picture of her sampler "Martha Jones 1792", which is stitched on 40-count lambswool linen. She can't wait to have Martha's sampler on her wall. Great!

IFAKHS 1817 stitched by Helga Urban-Baule
Gooitie 1701 wip by Lotti Pfyl

Another Vierlande sampler by Helga Urban Baule is complete - "IFAKHS 1817". Congratulations! Lotti Pfyl and "Gooitie" are on holiday together.

Maria ca. 1900 worked by Binta Colson
St. Gallen worked by Marianne V.

Binta Colson sent me her "Maria ca. 1900" with best regards from Maastricht, Netherlands. Also from the Netherlands comes "St. Gallen" stitched by Marianne V.

MB 1799 worked by Ursel Zscherper
WCM 1820 stitched by Jackie Reagan

Quotation Ursel Zscherper: "Share my happiness about 'MB 1799'! The sampler has become simply beautiful. It was a pleasure." Jackie Reagan from Missouri finished "WCM 1820", her reproduction looks great, too. Thank you for sharing!

Martha Lemnitzer 1901 by Elke Brijoux
SB 1776 by Elke Brijoux
MAW by Elke Brijoux
SES 1725 by Elke Brijoux
GR 1810 by Elke Brijoux
CAK 1769 by Elke Brijoux

Elke Brijoux from Lünen had planned for a long time, but only now in retirement she got round to sending pictures of six samplers: All were stitched on 35 ct linen Edinburgh by Zweigart. For "SB 1776" she used silk floss for the first time, the others are worked with DMC.

Louise Rigaud 1895 worked by Ulrike Grommisch

Ulrike Grommisch just managed it. After a true needlework marathon the tulips are even finished on New Year's Eve.

PAPA top section by Angelika Kaldenhoven
PAPA worked by Angelika Kaldenhoven
PAPA bottom section by Angelika Kaldenhoven

Angelika Kaldenhoven is pleased being able to keep a promise given on the last Textile Art in Berlin and to send some pictures of her finished "PAPA". The embroidery has accompanied her for three years to many islands in the world (from Jersey via Thailand to Usedom ...). The sampler is to be framed now.

Metta 1848 wip by Christine Mugnier
Erna Schuppelius by Ursel Zscherper

"Metta 1848" in blue by Christine Mugnier - four different blues from Victoria Clayton's hand dyed silk flosses. Looks great! Within one week, embroidered, starched and ironed by Ursel Zscherper - ready is the mini-sampler "Erna Schuppelius". Super!

RET 1714 and ACO 1772 by Christel Ross
Rachel 1818: Reproduction by Christel Ross

Christel Ross hung her "RET 1714" from Southern Germany next to her "1772 ACO" from Northern Germany - a peaceful coexistence thanks to the uniform framing. She worked her "Rachel Wilson 1818" in blue. Just beautiful!

M. F. Tucher 1696: Reproduction by Inguna Krastina
Urbanie Baylac: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Inguna Krastina from Belgium on M. F. Tucher 1696: "Small, but well filled sampler. Stitched on 40ct Zweigart Newcastle Flax with The Gentle Art threads. Finished sampler measures 20 x 27 cm. Really loved all the flowers!" It came out small and fine - Urbanie's sampler. Ursel Zscherper likes it, above all the corner motifs.

WCM 1820: Reproduction by Angela Schiller
M. P. Joppe 1886: Reproduction by Lisette Gruisen

Angela Schiller would have preferred her "WCM 1820" without mount. The framer had his own view of a well-framed image. But it still looks very nice. She has already chosen a new sampler - "EH 1875". Thanks a lot to Lisette Gruisen for her "M. P. Joppe 1886" - found on facebook

SES 1725: Reproduction by Brigitte Waltering
Frances 1797: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Brigitte Waltering "played" with the original colours of "SES 1725". Her sampler is nicely done! Ursel Zscherper's "Francis 1797" is finished and she comes along as a beauty. The maker is ready for new projects ("Urbanie Baylac 1900").

Edward 1874: Reproduction by Anne L'hoste
MTT 1858: Reproduction by Brigitte Brandenburg

Anne L'hoste is a bit further with Mr. Edward. Brigitte Brandenburg has long finished "MTT 1858". Now she sent the image so that it goes on here in the "Gallery". Beautiful! Brigitte wrote: "Lots of fun for this summer blue 497. Delightful to stitch the flip over motifs. The little bird was sweet. Sabine, always delightful to stitch after your reproductions. Many thanks again from Paris."

Dorothea Padies: Reproduction worked by Bhooma Aravamudan with scissors and quarter
Dorothea Padies: Reproduction worked by Bhooma Aravamudan and quarter

Awesome! Bhooma Aravamudan's finish - "Dorothea Padies" 1 x 1 on 40 ct linen with SSF from Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers. The first photo is taken next a scissors fob - 7.625" long - made by her daughter and a US Quarter. The second photo is sans scissors fob.

Mary 1841: Reproduction by Anita Johansen
Barber Meins 1840/42: Reproduction by Ria Ceelen

Anita Johansen from San Antonio, Texas stitched "Mary 181" on 40 ct Lakeside Linen "Pearled Barley" and converted the DMC to Crescent Colours over dyed floss. Anita: "I think she is one of the prettiest samplers you have (and that I have ever stitched!!!!)." Ria Ceelen from Liempde, Netherlands finished "Barber Meins 1840/42" after six months work. Gorgeous!

BKRM 1779: Detail of Dijn Duijs' Reproduction
BKRM 1779: Detail of Dijn Duijs' Reproduction
BKRM 1779: Detail of Dijn Duijs' Reproduction

Update on Dijn Duijs' version of "BKRM 1779": Relief-stitching and lots of shades of warm colours.

cutout sampler worked by Ursel Zscherper
reverse side Jenny Haemsch 1904: reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
Jenny Haemsch 1904: reproduction stitched by Ursel Zscherper

Ursel Zscherper began to work a cutout sampler. For relaxation she does with "Frances Rae" on. In addition, two photos of their finished "Jenny Haemsch 1904". "When you have got the hang of it, the lace is relatively easy to stitch, but again it required great concentration," she wrote.

Dijn Duijs' colours
detail 1 of Dijn Duijs' reproduction
detail 2 of Dijn Duijs' reproduction

Update on Dijn Duijs' version of "BKRM 1779": Relief-stitching and lots of shades of warm colours.

SM 1678 by Krista Gramer
EH 1875 by Frances Weeks Smith

Krista Gramer from Brookfield, Connecticut loves all the flowers of "SM 1678". Thank you for sharing! Frances Weeks Smith from Arkansas can celebrate finishing of her "EH 1875".

Karolina Kisling 1825: Reproduction by Sue Hertzog
Anna Roenneke: Reproduction by Karen Bugg

Sue Hertzog finished "Karolina Kisling 1825" long ago. Her embroidery measures 35 cm x 23 cm worked over 22 count to the inch. Karen Bugg finished "Anna Roenneke" a few days ago. Both of the samplers are great, aren't they?

Edward 1874: Reproduction by Margit Guerrein
Elisabeth & Willi 1911: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch

My friend Margit's biggest project - "Edward 1874". Top! Ulrike Grommisch was on holiday. That was good for herself, Elisabeth and Willi.

St. Gallen: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Ursel Zscherper had a lot of fun once again. Her "St. Gall" is magnificent, isn't it?

Bristol CH: Reproduction by Margit Guerrein
Bristol CH: back side of reproduction by Margit Guerrein

Margit Guerrein's third Bristol sampler! Super!

IFAKHS 1817: WIP by Dijn Duijs
Detail IFAKHS 1817
Detail IFAKHS 1817

Dijn Duijs takes the colours she loves and creates her own version of "IFAKHS 1817".

Bristol CH worked by 5 ladies

Five ladies from Oregon are in Palm Springs, CA this weekend enjoying sunshine and warm weather, along with their stitching - "Bristol CH" untraditional in color.

CAK 1769: Reproduction by Irmtraud Bareiss
CAK 1769: detail of reproduction by Irmtraud Bareiss

Irmtraud Bareiss stitched her "CAK 1769": a wonderful, individual Variation.

Anka Meyer's creation using the Flower Alphabet

For Helena, worked by Anka Meyer!

Gertrud Gröschel 1895: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
Gertrud Gröschel 1895: back side of reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Expert on front and reverse sides - Ursel Zscherper's "Gertrud Gröschel 1895".

BW 1880: Reproduction by Sue Hertzog
EH 1875: Reproduction by Ulrike Grommisch

After many months, Sue Hertzog has just finished her latest needlepoint creation - BW 1880. Worked over one thread on 22 ct fabric. Breathtaking! Ulrike Grommisch builds up her "Berlin wall". "EH 1875" is her third Berlin woolwork sampler. A great idea!

Mette 1811/1825: Reproduction by Gudrun Dietrich
Edward 1874: Reproduction by Margit Guerrein

She did it! Mette stitched by Gudrun Dietrich from Bremervörde is finished - framed and hung. Gorgeous! Margit is soon ready. I am pleased.

SB 1776: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Margaret Bertrand

The experiment, "SB 1776" in original colours, is finished. Ursel Zscherper: "It was exciting and can be recommended for reproduction. Margaret Bertrand enjoyed "PAPA". She used 18 count cotton aida, and  J.P. Coats 100% cotton floss colour 8399. Eyecathers both!

ACG 1728: Reproduction by Elisabeth Knäble
Goes 1896: Reproduction by Elisabeth Knäble

The 2012 summer holidays are over for Elisabeth Knäble and again she has come to an end with two wonderful pieces - "ACG 1728" and "Goes 1896".

Amy Hartley: Reproduction by Anne Bihais
Mary Wigham 1790: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Anne Bihais from France finished "Amy Hartley" one month ago and finally managed to find a suitable frame last week. "Mary Wigham 1790" is Ursel Zscherper's first Quaker sampler. It looks awesome.

Ida Anker 1872: Reproduction by Christel Ross
E. Vandenherreweghen 1890: Reproduction by Christel Ross

Christel Ross is on the needle. She loves red and blue in her kitchen and the staircase.

Gabriele Geyler 1904: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper
Gabriele Geyler 1904: Backside of Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Ursel Zscherper has been busy. "Emma Pêcheur 1911" has been finished "long, long ago". "Gabriele Geyler 1904" is completed, the Holbein lace is great. Ursel Zscherper finds it was relatively easy to stitch.

Martha Jones 1792: Reproduction by Irmtraud Bareiss
Emma Pêcheur 1911: Reproduction by Ursel Zscherper

Beautiful "Martha". This time it was stitched by Irmgard Bareiss.

BW 1880 wip by Sue Hertzog
reverse side of Sue's work

We all know the verso. Sue Hertzog shows it at her beautiful "BW 1880" - stitched over one thread in needlepoint.

BW 1880 wip by Ute Fischer

Stitched with Anchor threads on 40ct linen - Ute Fischer from Ladenburg will complete "BW 1880" soon!!!

Martha Jones 1792 worked by Debra Roman
GR 1810 stitched by Brigitte Waltering

With the turbo needle: Debra Roman from Rochester Hills had a lot of fun with "Martha Jones 1792". Kind regards from Münster - Brigitte Waltering worked "GR 1810" on 40ct linen.

Metta 1848 worked by Claudia Bourgeois

I always admire, how much patience is exercised by sampler lovers. Congratulations to Claudia Bourgeois of Baton Rouge! She stitched "Metta 1848" using one strand of HDF silk over 2. The color is one of HDF's "mystery" spools - a variegated that runs from a true red to a pink/red.

Greetings from the island
Mette worked by Gudrun Dietrich

Dated and signed 2010 - 2011 AT PW - Annette Pauleweit from the island Fehmarn completed "Mette 1811/1825" with eye-catchers and borders. Gudrun Dietrich from Bremervörde works on her own lovely interpretation of "Mette".

Mette 1811/1825 stitched by Annette Pauleweit
Adelheit 1842 worked by Ursel Zscherper

This is Ursel Zscherper's "Adelheit 1842" in beautiful variations of blue.

Adelheit Greschner stitched by Elisabeth Prady
WCM 1820 stitched by Lois Suski

Elisabeth Prady is finally finished with "Adelheit Greschner". She sent a picture without delay. Finished and framed! For Lois Suski from Idaho Falls "WCM 1820" is one of her favorite pieces. Gorgeous!

Amy Hartley 1804 worked by Anne Bihais
Luise Lochau 1906: Reproduction by Elvira Farr

Anne Bihais from Pirmil, France has never stitched on such a small scale - 35 ct linen. She likes the light colours and she likes doing "Amy Hartley". Me too! Elvira Farr busily stitches and her sister always emails the pictures. Thank you so much for "Luise Lochau"!

FH 1910 worked by Ursel Zscherper
reverse side of Ursel Zscherper's FH 1910

Ursel Zscherper battled her way through FH 1910 and won by a mile!

Friederike Henkel 1853 worked by Margit Guerrein
Luise Lochau 1906 wip
Luise Lochau 1906 worked by Brigitte Brandenburg

Margit Guerrein from Berlin stitches again: "Friederike Henkel 1853" – "Gott lobe deinen Fleiß / May God praise your diligence". Brigitte Brandenburg had a broken leg and the only thing she could do was stitching: "Luise Lochau 1906" – "Sich regen bringt Segen." / "Hard work pays off." or "No gain without Pain.“


WCM 1820 stitched by Ulrike Grommisch
M. Levy worked by Anka Meyer

Finally framed! The sampler had been missing for a while. Ulrike Grommisch sent a picture of her "WCM 1820" three days before Christmas. Keep it up! Anka Meyer from Sparta, New Jersey finished her first reproduction - M. Levy. Congratulations!

M. P. Joppe 1886 worked by Marjan Kuyken
detail of Maria Rosa Muia's version of Nannette Hässig 1837

Marjan Kuyken had fun with darning. Her "M. P. Joppe" is now "M. Kuyken". Creative Maria Rosa Muia from Reggio Emilia: her version of "Nannette 1837". I love showing initiative!

DS 1842 stitched by Angelika Röhringer
Barber Meins worked by Elisabeth Aberra Guebrou

Angelika Röhringer - "DS 1842" stitch by stitch, for two years, a great finish! Elisabeth Aberra Guebrou stitched "Barber Meins 1840/42" with DMC 3768, 3727 and 3041. Lovely!!

Eliza Trusted 1803 by Ursel Zscherper
Elisabeth's Barber Meins close-up

"Eliza Trusted 1803" worked by Ursel Zscherper. Great!!

Biedermeier ca. 1840 stitched by Sue Hertzog
Gardryth 1831 large worked by Doris Niek

After four weeks in storm and rain in northern Denmark Doris Niek’s “Gardryth Timman 1831” is finished: reddish-brown Dansk Blomstergarn on 35 ct linen!!! Sue Hertzog has worked both of her Biedermeier samplers in finest stitches. Her needlepoint version of "Biedermeier approx. 1840" is already framed. Worked on 22 count as always it turned out at 22 cm x 64 cm!!!

Adele Messelir stitched by Brigitte Brandenburg
SG 1812 worked by Sue Hertzog

Back from holiday: Brigitte Brandenburg has completed "Adele Messelir"!

Friederike Henkel 1853 stitched by Elisabeth Aberra Guebrou
M. L. de Kam 1896 worked by Ursel Zscherper

Elisabeth Aberra Guebrou has a turbo needle! She completed "Friederike Henkel 1853" in record time! Ursel Zscherper has never had such fun darning before "Goes 1896". Great!

Anna Schween 1853 by Elisabeth Knaeble
MW 1903 stitched by Margit Ortmann-Scholz
Eliza Trusted 1803 stitched by Margit Ortmann-Scholz
Martha 1811 stitched by Margit Ortmann-Scholz

One year - and Elisabeth Knäble has completed "Anna Schween 1853". Margit Ortmann-Scholz from Berlin currently prefers monochrome works. She has sent three beauties!

Ulrike's kitchen

Perfect! Ulrike Grommisch's kitchen!

PAPA top section
PAPA bottom section

Linda Patacca from Florida finished "PAPA" last week. A delight!

PAPA by Ursel Zscherper
Bhooma's update from June 26

Ursel Zscherper could not stop working "PAPA", now she has done - with an addition at the bottom. Every Monday morning Bhooma Aravamudan makes me happy with her updates!

M. P. Joppe 1886 by Elisabeth Knäble
M. F. Tucher 1696 by Elisabeth Knäble

A Nuremberg sampler for a lady from Nuremberg! Elisabeth Knäble's Christmas gift is framed. She enjoyed "Joppe" as well, since she always was excited how the next motif comes out.

MTT 1858: Reproduction by Jip Bieräugel

Jip Bieräugel from Alkmaar, The Netherlands was very creative with the colour selection on "MTT 1858".

Metta 1848 worked by Helga Fehr - unframed
Metta 1848 worked by Helga Fehr - framed

Helga Fehr from Leverkusen has been working her "Metta" for two years. Unframed and framed a great result!

PAPA stitched by Gerlinde Bartelt
Wobcke Brandts 1796 stitched by Mireille Martini

Gerlinde Bartelt from Strasburg worked "PAPA" on an individual basis. Mireille Martini's "Wobcke Brandts 1796" has been ironed. Will it get a frame?

Reproduction by Sigrid Eckel
Detail of reproduction by Sigrid Eckel
Detail of reproduction by Sigrid Eckel

Advanced Dutch sampler worked by Sigrid Eckel. Gorgeous!

Wobcke Brandts 1796 by Mireille Martini
Becke Gellers by Ursel Zscherper

"Wobcke Brandts 1796" worked by Mireille Martini from Lausanne. Great! "Becke" is finished!!!! Ursel Zscherper sent a picture for my Gallery from Dusseldorf to Berlin. I was very pleased!

M.P. Joppe 1886 WIP by Rianne van Roozendaal

A fine start is done by Rianne van Roozendaal. "M. P. Joppe 1886" on 46ct linen.

Daisy 1899 worked by Ulla Waldmann
M.P. Joppe 1886 worked by Brigitte Brandenburg

A new beauty in Ulla Waldmann's home: "Daisy 1899". Brigitte Brandenburg could not stop before she had finished her amazing "M. P. Joppe 1886".

WCM 1820 stitched by Irmtraud Bareiss
detail of WCM 1820 by Irmtraud Bareiss

"WCM 1820" newly interpreted by Irmtraud Bareiss from Reutlingen. Outstanding!

Mijna's final version of PAPA
MW 1903 worked by Ulrike Grommisch

Mijna has finished her interpretation of "Papa approx. 1880". Great! The first picture for the gallery in 2011 was sent by Ulrike Grommisch.

M.P. Joppe: updated Dec. 2nd

Second stroke... 

M.P. Joppe work-in-progress from Nov. 18
Anna Schween worked by Ursel Zscherper

"This was the first stroke!" Brigitte Brandenburg from Paris sent her work-in-progress picture of "M.P. Joppe 1886". She wrote it was so beautiful that she could not stop! At the same time, I received a picture of "Anna Schween" stitched by Ursel Zscherper from Duesseldorf. Thank you so much!

Donna Lemos finished Wobcke, too
Karen Bugg's Wobcke is finished

I am deeply grateful to Donna and Karen who have been accompanying me on Wobcke right from the start.

Johanna Schramm 1920: Reproduction by Elvira Farr
CAK 1769 wip: Reproduction by Lou Mendes

Elvira Farr has had much fun on holiday, amongst others she finished "Johanna Schramm 1920". Lou Mendes has just started "CAK 1769".

Karen's Vierlanden corner
Mette Putfarckens 1811/1825: Reproduction by Karen Bugg
Mette Putfarckens 1811/1825 Detail: Reproduction by Karen Bugg

Karen Bugg's "Mette" is back from the framers. It's a great Vierlanden corner, isn't it?