About me

Samplers – aren’t they just charming? Any kind for itself, each in its time? At some time I discovered them and I have remained faithful to them for almost 30 years. I stare open-mouthed at most of them, I make charts of some of them, and I work a few. I have designed some walls in our home with them and I have illuminated them for viewing.

In the beginning private collectors – friends of mine – made the sampler of "desire" and "amorousness" available for reproduction. Often I was able to count the original piece at home and I found pleasure in it for a long time until the sampler was transferred on graph paper. Later the samplers of until then strangers and of museums were added.

My black samplers from Vierlande and from Ackworth hang above our music board.

I am very proud that Mrs. Überrück mentioned me in her book “Gestickter Glaube. Die christlichen Motive auf Stickmustertüchern in Deutschland" (Stitched Faith. The Christian Motifs on Samplers in Germany) several times.

Angelika Überrück's book deals with the education of girls - wealthy and poor - in Germany. Until the 8th century, female education took place exclusively at home. Female education outside the home began with the founding of the first women's monasteries. For centuries, representatives of the churches have taken on the upbringing of girls and boys in their institutions. That is why you find so many Christian motifs on German samplers.



"DS 1842" in Sonderheft "neue mode", 1992
"DS 1842" in Sonderheft "neue mode" 1/93, 2/93 und 3/93
"DS 1842" in burda-spezial "Kreuzstich" 21/95
"WCM 1820" in burda-special "Kreuzstich" 20/96
"M. Levy 1840" in "SAMPLER & ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK QUARTERLY", Winter 2008, Volume 53


"Alte Mustertücher - nachgestickt" (50 reproduction samplers from all over the world) at EVAS ARCHE, Ökumenisches Frauenzentrum, Berlin-Mitte, Große Hamburger Str. 28 from January 8 to February 2, 2001



Textile Art Berlin 2006 with U. Scheer and D. Kandzi
Textile Art Berlin 2007 with U. Scheer (she took both photos) and D. Kandzi

Handarbeitsbörse 2008

Textile Art Berlin 2008

Textile Art Berlin 2009

Textile Art Berlin 2010

Countdown to the trade show. The first guest has arrived.

Another celebrity is in.

Both of the guests at the breakfast table...

I've built up the stand.

Impressions from the fair:

Handarbeitsbörse 2010

Bhoomas little miracles travelled thousands of kilometres to be present at TEXTILE ART BERLIN 2012 on June 9 and 10.

Lovely old fabrics - washed, ironed, cut, and sewn!

Brigitte's Emma came from Paris!!!

Friday evening

Day 1, Saturday, June 9

Day 2, Sunday, June 10

What city was called capital of textile art this year? The 9th TEXTILE ART BERLIN took place together with the PATCHWORK DAYS 2013 on June 8th and 9th. Both shows together in Berlin presented an incredible diversity and offered a large and great textile event. 110 sales and presentation stands, 38 exhibitions, workshops, hands-on activities, lectures, films and fashion shows were on the programme. more

Present for the last time

Wonderful things were to be seen and admired at the Textile Art Berlin again. This time I was only a visitor, so there were no reproductions of samplers.