Hilma Lösner 1883

Margit's wall
Photos © Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
Original of Hilma Lösner 1883
Replica of Hilma Lösner 1883

At my friend Margit’s home, you have been welcomed by six red school samplers hanging in the front hall for years. Hilma Lösner’s work is one of them. Four alphabets are harmoniously placed, corner motifs margin the sampler and she has centered her name, the year and a large rose. A red grosgrain ribbon lines her Piece.


chart: € 10.-

Crosses: 179 x 189

Size: 25.5 x 26.5 cm


cross stitch

Special 2011

Special 2011:

4 charts (Elsa Werner 1886, Hilda 1905, Ilse 1905 and Hilma Lösner 1883) at a price of € 25.-