Elsa Werner 1886

Elsa was 9 or 10 years old when she handed her red and blue school sampler over for assessment to the teacher at the end of year 3. She fixed a small notepad on the back of the work.

Most notable are Elsa's initials: The oversized capitals are decorated by carnation flowers in square stitch forming a counterbalance to the three alphabets and monogram pairs which were straightly executed in the style of the time.

She decorated the year with the three symbols of Christian education - faith, hope, charity. Elsa’s sampler is part of Margit Guerrein’s collection.


chart: € 10.-

Crosses: 147 x 142

Size: 28 x 26 cm


cross stitch
four-sided stitch

4 charts (Hilda 1905, Hilma Lösner 1883, Ilse 1905 and Elsa Werner 1886) at a price of € 25.-