TE 1777

Eight different alphabets in beautiful silk colors, in various stitches, with elaborate embellishments and an oversized typical monogram. Trees of live, birds, including turtle doves, crowned hearts, and even everyday motifs (a water carrier, a basket, a cradle, a weaving comb, and fire tongs) are arranged on one half of the sampler.

But the special thing about this sampler from North Friesland is the variety of the magnificent borders. They mainly served as an example for the later embroidery of men's shirt collars - a real treasure trove.

Proudly, the stitcher has consistently inserted her monogram.

I would like to thank Mrs. Tarja Pajulampi, the proud owner of "TE 1777", who showed me her treasure and entrusted me with it for the time of counting, charting, and reproducing.

We owe Mrs. Gieneke Arnolli, curator of the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, the additional information about North Frisian samplers.


chart: € 20.-

Crosses: 347 x 193

Size: 49 x 27 cm


cross stitch
satin stitch
square stitch
Algerian eyelet
back stitch