S. de Meulemeester 1895

On the finest linen, S. de Meulemeester handed in her annual work from needlework classes in 1895: She showed seams, stitched an alphabet in cross stitch, showed hollow seams and decorative stitches and added two bands of lace! She placed three individual pieces - a net-like work, a fine crocheting square and 20 weaving exercises in the central part of the bottom section. A nice little "Pronklap".

You can work a reproduction of this so-called "Doorstoplap" now. (Maybe completed by your name and year, similar to Nellie Gruitroy’s piece from Arnhem!?)


chart : € 8.-

Crosses: 81 x 100

Size: 11,5 x 14 cm


running stitch

4 charts (1887, FL ca. 1880, Marie Timmel 1905 and S. de Meulemeester 1895) at a price of 25.- EUR