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Nellie Gruitroy 1901

20th Century | Netherlands

Always up and down, up and down, up and down – stretch the floss over or under the threads of the fabric in a certain rhythm - this is the running or darning stitch executed by Nellie from Arnhem, Gelderland in the Netherlands, in her 20 rectangles.

Nellie's plain and pretty "Doorstoplap" of 1901 (“darning” without a hole in only one direction) is typical of that period it was just one of several tasks in needlework classes. It is usually worked without an alphabet, without motifs, but in three different types of stitches - cross-stitch in the name, Smyrna or star stitch and just running stich.

On the back you can find a loop at the end of each row in order to prevent strain of the “darn”.

Nellie’s sampler (inventory number: MDV 18c 13, size: 30.5 cm x 19 cm) belongs to the hidden treasures of the Museum of European Cultures, Berlin.

I am much obliged to the two textile conservators of the museum and to Ursel Zscherper for her small "Blue Wonder".

Crosses: 103 x 171
Size: 19 x 31 cm
Stitches: Running stitch, cross stitch, star stitch

Chart: 10,00 €
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