MTT 1858

MTT 1858: Original
Photos © Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte and Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
MTT 1858: Replica by Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
MTT 1858: Reproduction by Brigitte Brandenburg
Photos © Brigitte Brandenburg, Paris
MTT 1858: Reproduction by Brigitte Brandenburg

The Museum of Hamburg History has a unique collection of Vierlanden samplers – even coloured ones! "MTT 1858" (inventory number 1940, 167) is the latest. A cute, early and complete SCHOOL sampler with the most important traditional elements: alphabets, trees of life and rosettes. Only a few school samplers from the Vierlanden area are known to me. That is why I am happy about being able to present one.

Without the great and trusting support of Mrs. G. Hildebrandt – the museum’s textile restorer – I could not have seen these beautiful pieces. Therefore, I especially would like to thank her – even in this way.


chart : € 10.-

Crosses: 170 x 164

Size: 24 x 23 cm


cross stitch

Metta 1848