Maria ca. 1900

More than one hundred years ago, Maria Verdura used the very popular patterns from different albums published by the French companies N. Alexandre & Cie und Maison Sajou for the design of her balanced school sampler. The miniature albums were only 4.7 cm x 7.8 cm in size, others 8 cm x 12 cm and the largest ones 17 cm x 27 cm.

The so-called Berlin Pattern was more and more replaced in France by patterns with different and exceptionally large alphabets and small motifs as from 1840. The large two-coloured alphabet originates from the album Sajou No 656 and has a height of 31 crosses. The steamship, the cradle and the child come from the album Sajou No 103 and the initials MV - rose monogram – from Sajou No 203.

The French patterns and the fact that the letter W is missing in the alphabet speak for the mapping of this sampler to France.

The sampler is privately owned and has an original size of 49 cm x 49 cm.


chart: € 18,-

Crosses: 248 x 248

Size: 35 x 35 cm


cross stitch