M. P. Joppe 1886

Who does not know and does not admire the attractive darning samplers from the Netherlands? These embroidered beauties have been existing for more than three centuries – composed without alphabet and clearly designed.

The stitchers were working with silks rich in colour on fine linen a wonderful variety of ways to repair defect spots (holes, cracks, damaged areas) in expensive damask. Most of these darning exercises were carried out in two different directions, the hole in the ground fabric was visible, or even the corner was missing.

Some darning exercises were only executed in one direction – through the undamaged ground fabric. These so-called "Doorstoppen" show the variety of woven pattern in a simple manner.

Many museums around the world have at least one of these "Stoplappen”. I purchased this beautiful school sampler from Ex Antiques at the Textile Art Berlin. I am really pleased to share it with you.

The original sampler is 36.5 cm high and 38 cm wide.



chart: € 20.-

Crosses: 228 x 219

Size: 32 x 31 cm


running stitch
Algerian eyelet stitch
hem stitch