Luise Werner 1878

At that time, Luise had many beautiful wool colours available for her school sampler - a particular pleasure. Shades of red. Shades of green. Shades of blue. But also kind of exhausting, because the wool threads were thicker than the fabric provided. A lot had to be taken into account: alphabets and numbers, borders and the space for free design with personal data.

Luise's sampler has become extremely harmonious. The two dogs and the numerous small flowers are very lovely. The three little mistakes are not noticeable.


chart: € 10.-

Crosses: 174 x 161

Size: 24.5 x 23 cm


cross stitch

4 charts (E. B. 1904, Fanny Liddy Hofmann 1884, W. W. ca. 1900 and Luise Werner 1878) at a price of € 25.-