Fanny L. Hofmann 1884

„Nach gethaner Arbeit ist gut ruhn“ / “After work is done, it is good to rest” - very pretty, balanced and harmonious, creative.

Did Fanny first outline her fabric and then "fill it" with the two alphabets, the series of numbers, the saying and the five squares? Or first of all designed the sampler and then bordered it?

Fanny came from Mülsen, a place in Saxony that stretched for almost fifteen kilometers. The name of the old St. Jakob church stands for an urban district of Mülsen.


chart: € 10.-

Crosses: 181 x 174

Size: 33 x 31,5 cm


cross stitch

4 charts (E. B. 1904, Luise Werner 1878, W. W. ca. 1900 and Fanny Liddy Hofmann 1884) at a price of € 25.-