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Josepha Vogl 1846

19th Century | Germany

1846! Really? Why did Josepha change the last digit of the date? Has the completion been delayed by years? On some samplers of that time (Biedermeier era: 1815-1848), one can find this phenomenon. These fine works from the hands of young ladies of the upper classes were often presented in the living rooms after completion. They were evidence of the taste and skills of the needleworker and the spirit of time. In the early stages of courtship, a potential candidate for a marriage was able to estimate the age of the gentlewoman.

Josepha has been executing her sampler with extremely fine cross-stitches in fine silks on fine uneven fabric: two flower borders, five alphabets, two groups of numbers. The billing birds in the wreath of roses form the main motif. At the right and left of it, she placed symbolic romantic motifs of "domesticity" and "remembrance". A textile treasure for show!

Josepha Vogl has been my "companion" for a long time. Often I could not distinguish and count the mostly faded colors of the doves. My special thanks go to my friend Margit who patiently had to manage without her "Josepha" for years and did not urge me to finish.


Crosses: 341 x 270
Size: 48 x 38 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch, running stitch

Chart: 20,00 €
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