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Hannah Wallis 1802

19th Century | Great Britain

Hannah Wallis attended the Quaker school in Ackworth/Yorkshire in 1802.

Because the tuition was low, families of little means were able to send their children there. Families who were better off were expected to pay more for education. All pupils were expected to dress plain and decent and to behave according to the rules of the Quaker community.

All characteristics of the Quaker designs are represented in Hannah's beautiful sampler. There are nearly 50 different typical Quaker motifs on it: Half-medallions form the border of the sampler. On the right and on the left hand side halved flower containers form two vertical lines. In addition, she distributed on her sampler geometric, flower and animal medallions as well as pairs of birds. Four branches of flowers form a lower internal row.

Hannah dedicated her sampler to her friend SW. It is worked in polychrome silk threads on a wool ground. By the use of bold colour combinations this sampler is much more alive than the pieces usually worked in dark colours. Has it been a venture to embroider such an unusual design?

The needleworker arranged a nearly complete alphabet. X and Z are missing in block style. The capitals are tucked in wherever space permitted, upright or lying on the side, a riddle for the viewer.

The sampler is in private property. It is square and its size is 43 cm x 43 cm. Because the original ground is unevenly woven, the motifs seem to be long drawn-out. Worked on evenly woven fabric the replication becomes rectangular.

Crosses: 398 x 298
Size: 56 x 42 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch, gobelin stitch or cross stitch (worked over one thread of linen)

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