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Emma Pêcheur

20th Century | Belgium

A whole school year long, Emma lined up her sewing and embroidery exercises worked on fine batiste fabric. She gathered patches, darning exercises, ornamental seams, buttonholes, different embroidery stitches, scallops, hem stitching and closures on two strips each 10 cm wide.

She matched her cross-stitch and darning sampler to those strips. All letters and motifs are "loosely" spread over the very fine linen. Finally, she lined her Textiles exam work with a light blue fabric and trimmed the best side. Like that it could be presented to the teacher as a small version of a "Pronklap".

Probably Emma Pêcheur attended a Christian school for girls in Belgium.


Crosses: 294 x 166
Size: 41,5 x 23,5 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch, running stitch

Chart: 16,00 €
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