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DS 1842

19th Century | Germany

This small sampler from the Biedermeier period (1815-1848) has been designed in harmony by the embroiderer. In the top quarter she did her “duty”: simple lines of stitches, just one alphabet and the numbers 1 to 10. The traditional leaf-shaped ornaments (from 16th century) are followed by Biedermeier style borders. The creative designs follow: Her monogram is located right in the middle of the crowned wreath. On the right and on the left of the big wreath sprigs joined by a ribbon form the cartouches for the monograms of her parents. Romantic floral figures of this period are next to traditional motives of figurative sense, e.g. the star with eight points stands for the Star of Bethlehem, the great number of birds in the apple tree represent the redeemed/saved souls in paradise. The parrot is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. His green plumage remains dry, i.e. pure or immaculate. The wreath with the crown means the infinite, perfection, eternity. The small house in a landscape as well as the eternal flame on the pedestal reflects the emotions of that time and the wishes for domesticity, romance, and remembrance.

I thank my friend Marina Wagner for the chance to work a reproduction in 1991.

Crosses: 189 x 283
Size: 27,5 x 41 cm
Stitchse: Cross stitch, back stitch

Chart: 18,00 €
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