Dorothea Padies

Most samplers from Vierlanden area are large and densely worked and thus opulent. In contrast, Dorothea Padies minimized the motifs on her very fine linen: the alphabets, the trees of life and the rosettes - very small! Unusual for this area is that the girl has highlighted her name. But she has also stitched the other option: DTPD, ie Doro-Thea Pa-Dies.

The beautiful, small and plain sampler belongs to the collection of the National Museum of Scotland, formerly Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh (inventory number: 1961, 594; size of the original: 26.7 x 23 cm). It was presented to the public in the exhibition "Samplers" in 1978.


chart: € 14.-

Crosses: 170 x 239

Size: 22 x 30.5 cm (on 40 ct linen)


cross stitch