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Der guten Mutter

19th Century | Germany

This tiny (10 x 8 cm) "Embroidery Pattern Book for Ladies Issue I" is more than 100 (!) years old, frequently viewed and often used, therefore "worn out" and stained, held together by a thread , but complete: "Containing : different alphabets and patterns".

The huge requirements in needlework patterns for small exercises or for small gifts was still unbroken. The hand-coloured cross stitch patterns from the Biedermeier era were unaffordable for the majority of potential buyers and needlework journals were only on the rise. So some publishers in Germany produced this type of booklet by the end of the 19th century – also folded as Leporello. Often they were printed single-sided and "unclean" and the symbols were not always clearly distinguishable! They were offered cheap or granted as give-away to the customer.

No doubt, they were popular , even in the schools and orphanages, because they contained different alphabets in Gothic print, but also the so-called old German handwriting, the "Sütterlin script" and dedications: "With Love", "In Memory", "To the Good Mother", "For Birthday", "Souvenir". The publishers remained unknown.

The time of the school samplers went to a close and loving embroidery of small gifts lost its significance between the two world wars. The booklets got lost, were thrown away or disappeared on the bottom shelf of an old sewing box. Today they are rare paper witnesses – including girls' education – and "unimpressive" antiques.

You can personalize your sampler. Be creative and just add your wishes, names, dates, and your dedication in two corresponding rectangles!


Crosses: 221 x 655
Size: 31,5 cm x 93 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch, running stitch

Chart: 20,00 €
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