Deborah Cockin 1806

Replica Deborah Cockin 1806
My reproduction of Deborah Cockin 1806
Photo © Sabine Taterra-Gundacker

Deborah got a rather rough piece of linen in order to be able to fulfil her schoolwork. She chose just three colours: She worked all Ackworth motifs in a lovely green, the letters of the alphabet in black and her name in blue – bordered by two half flower motifs. To whom she dedicated her sampler – a token of love – she keeps her secret for ever.

Deborah Cockin from Doncaster attended Ackworth School from 1805 to 1808. The original sampler is privately owned.

Donna L. worked her Deborah using 36 ct R&R Irish Creme and Vikki Clayton's Examplar Spinach Delight.

Donna Lemos' reproduction of Deborah Cockin 1806
Photo © Donna Lemos


chart : € 18.-

Crosses: 243 x 243

Size: 34.5 x 34.5 cm


cross stitch
gobelin stitch