Brandenburg 1833

In 1833, little CSK from the Brandenburg Marches, a poor rural area around Berlin, had a selection of almost 30 (!) expensive silk colours to design her very finely stitched sampler.

Her sampler is a particularly fine example for the interplay between tradition and modernity:
- A nice selection of alphabets and borders,
- traditional motifs having symbolic nature,
- and motifs of everyday life will be arranged
- with the big colour choice of the Biedermeier period (1815 to 1848).

A simple crowned flower wreath is the cartouche for the initials of her parents.

Meaning of symbols:

  • Sky castle: heavenly Jerusalem, God's residence; holy city of Judaism, Christianity and of Islam; representation on many prayer rugs
  • Eight pointed star: symbolic for Bethlehem
  • Cock: symbolic for Christ, Christ's Resurrection
  • Two doves facing each other: concord and peace
  • Tree of life: fertility

I thank both of the textile restorers of the Museum of European Cultures in Berlin who often let me see "Brandenburg 1833", inventory number 18 B 209, so that I was able to choose the varied colour shades.


chart : € 20.-

Crosses: 289 x 268

Size: 41 x 38 cm


cross stitch
satin stitch

I thank the Museum
Europäischer Kulturen Berlin
and the Verein der Freunde des MEK
for their kind Support.