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Anna Grimm 1883

19th Century | Germany

Both of those little birds in the cherry tree are most charming, aren’t they? And the many bouquets: lovely. The Biedermeier period (1815 - 1848) is revived here. Anna's sampler immediately impressed me in its harmony. But before the young girl could stitch her collected motifs, she had to fulfill her “duty”: five rows with alphabets and numbers.

Anna's needlework has been honoured and passed on for several generations. Even in the difficult times of the two world wars. Nowadays the youth are no longer interested in this "old-fashioned stuff" and I was able to acquire it and present it to you here.

Anna was the daughter of a well-respected farming family from Stafford near Karlsruhe, Germany. At that time the village had about 300 inhabitants and large, impressive farms (e.g. tobacco cultivation).

A family member reported on the funeral of Anna, who died at a very old age in the late 1940s: “I can still remember her funeral. The dead woman was laid out in her home, and if I remember correctly, she was the first dead woman I saw. For the funeral, the coffin was driven through the village to the cemetery on a black-covered trailer drawn by two black horses. Every person the vehicle passed by showed the respect for the dead - the men by pulling their hats, the women by bowing and saying a prayer.

Crosses: 248 x 241
Size: 35 x 34 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch

Chart: 20,00 €
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