PAPA ca. 1880

PAPA ca. 1880: Original Pattern
Photos © Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
PAPA ca. 1880: Reproduction by Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
MAMA ca. 1880: Reverse Side of the Original Pattern

This fascinating, very modern-looking historical stitching pattern in the form of a leporello with 40 rectangles is graphically exceptionally beautiful in its solid design. A balanced combination of alphabets, borders, patterns and motifs! Have you found the only row of numbers? And the word PAPA?

Presumably, this double-sided printed embroidery pattern (size of the original: 19 cm x 75 cm) of a French publisher was released around 1880. Referring to France would be the lacking letter “W” and the typical colour motifs (the Eiffel tower, altar cup). But it still remains a mystery as long as the cover is not found.

This turn-over pattern decorated a wall in the home of my friend Marina for years. Thank you so much for the opportunity to present it here.

PAPA ca. 1880: Detail


chart: € 20.-

Crosses: 174 x 678

Size: 25 x 96 cm


cross stitch
running stitch

always stitching
some stitches later

Here is Donna's WIP of the "big" PAPA... Wow!!! She is using very fine 45 ct Florence Creme and HDF Victoria Clayton Mermaid Blue combos. Donna has finished!!!

PAPA by Donna Lemos
Photos © Donna Lemos
Donna's wip one week later
PAPA ca. 1880: Reprodution by Donna Lemos