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Madeleine Duroc 1902

20th Century | France

Fabric cut off
picot edging finished
border on left-hand side started
an alphabet stitched
first name and year added

Finally, Madeleine could begin with the beautiful rose alphabet. At some point, she must have discovered: I do not get any more letters after the "R" on the sampler. But she virtuously finished the ABC and applied her first name at the end of the line, but this time from another alphabet. There is still space left. So she added a tiny alphabet and again "M A D E L E I N E" in another variant.

She proudly finished her sampler with lots of personal data.

Crosses: 313 x 317 
Size: 44 x 44,5 cm 
Stitches: Cross stitch

Chart: 20,00 €

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