Gertrud Gröschel 1895

Many schoolgirl samplers from Saxony contain cross and Holbein stitch exercises. Gertrud’s sampler is intricately worked: In the third row already, she exercised the double running stitch that forms tiny squares on the reverse side. She alternately used these two stitches in the border, the alphabet, and also in the band of stylized flowers. She placed her name, her hometown, and the year in the central section between crowns and beautiful corner motifs – stitched in finest crosses over one thread. She completed her school exercise with a narrow hemstitched hem.


chart: € 10.-

Crosses: 151 x 196

Size: 21.5 x 28 cm


cross stitch
square stitch
double-running or Holbein stitch

4 charts (ER 1906, C. Zechendorf 1898, Erna Schuppelius and Gertrud Gröschel 1895) at a price of € 20.-