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Gabriele 1904

20th Century | Germany

Anna Gabriele Geyler from Koenigswartha in Saxony has handed in her final works as a needlework teacher to the examining board at the age of thirty in 1904. The examination rules for teachers at elementary schools in Dresden planned among other things the presentation of self-made samples in knitting, crochet work, plain sewing, marking, mending, patching, cutting from a pattern, whitework and embroidery with red threads on cotton as part of the "Examination in Needlework" at that time.

Gabriele's so-called "marking sampler" is one of three examination samplers at the Saxon Folk Art Museum, Dresden.

All samplers have a lot of things in common: the size, the splitting into a part with alphabets and a part with edgings, the multitude of stitches, the hemstitch border, the cross-stitch frame, the monochrome work, two big ornamented monograms, the reference of the town and the year as well as the very careful execution of the sampler's front and back. The most beautiful and most individual thing at these samplers is the three-sided edging worked in double running or back stitch.

Crosses: 171 x 258
Size: 24,5 x 37 cm
Stitches: Cross stitch, square stitch, back stitch

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