Elsbeth Schoof 1918

Needlework samplers are always contemporary historical sources. "Pray and work (Bete und arbeite)" as well as "war years (Kriegsjahre)" apparently were important terms for Elsbeth. I immediately came across an attempt to explain: Pray, so that everything will be well again and work, so that it goes on in life and in the war year 1918. The end is approaching. The World War had cost immeasurable suffering and numerous victims.

Elsbeth started her sampler with simple needlework exercises. She divided the two alphabets with pretty little borders, where she practiced the constant colour change.


chart: € 8.-

Crosses: 136 x 136

Size: 19.5 x 19.5 cm


cross stitch
double running stitch
back stitch
chain stitch

4 charts (Martha Ludewig 1898, E. Prophet 1916, S. T. ca. 1920 and Elsbeth Schoof 1918) at a price of € 25,-