Ella Loewensten 1872

Little Ella had planned a lot: An elaborate, beautiful rose border should surround her small sampler.

Why was it unfinished? What had happened? Bored? No more yarn? Faults? Miscounted? Bad luck? No time?

Even the ravages of time have gnawed on her sampler. Some bright crosses were no longer recognizable in the big alphabet.

Nevertheless, to commemorate Ella, I would like to present to you this sampler completely.

Ella Loewensten 1872: Original
Ella Loewensten 1872: Reproduction by Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
Photos © Sabine Taterra-Gundacker


chart: € 12.-

Crosses: 181 x 159

Size: 25.5 x 22.5 cm


cross stitch

Ella Loewensten 1872: Detail from the Original