Future Projects

Here you can find all my current projects.

Maria L'Heureux 1890

Maria L'Heureux 1890: Reverse Side of the Original
Maria L'Heureux 1890: Selecting Colours in front of the Original
Photos © Sabine Taterra-Gundacker and Brigitte Brandenburg
Maria L'Heureux 1890: WIP by Brigitte Brandenburg

Weaving / Darning without a hole

I have a wonderful companion - Brigitte from Paris.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons: Original
Four Seasons: Replica WIP
Four Seasons: Reproduction WIP

Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter 

Rose from Goes

Rose from Goes: Original from Historisch Museum de Bevelanden
Rose from Goes: choosing colours
Rose from Goes: Detail 1 of the Original
Photos © Historisch Museum de Bevelanden and Sabine Taterra-Gundacker
Rose from Goes: Detail 2 of the Original