Grace 1893

Exciting. Particularly fine (worked on 55 ct linen). Another eye catcher!

Most charming, I thought when I saw Inguna Krastina's new "sweetheart". So small, so fine, so varied. These numerous small and large animals in the lower third of the sampler from the or-phanage in Bristol - and more than ever the “guzzling” squirrel and the “Bristol elephant” from “CH”.

Inguna and I suspected that a girl named Grace would have made this fine embroidery in 1893.

I was able to consult an employee of the George Müller Foundation in Bristol, who is responsi-ble for the archives of the former orphanage. Unfortunately, despite an intensive search, the names and initials on the sampler did not lead to any result. That's why I now call this sampler "Grace - Nellie - Bella - Kate" to remember the unknown young stitcher.

It is possible that the stitcher was not an orphan of the house, but regularly attended textile les-sons as an external student or daughter of a teacher and in this way had the opportunity to use the leporello patterns from that time - brought by Pastor George Müller from Germany - for the upper compulsory part of the sampler.

A big thank you goes to Inguna Krastina for the opportunity to count and chart her sampler and offer it here. She left me photos and corrected the thread colour.



chart: € 18.-

Crosses: 228 x 386

Size: 32 x 54.5 cm


cross stitch
square, double running or back stitch