E. B. 1904

On March 12, 1904, E. B. finished her sampler, her final work in handicraft lessons. She must have been very proud at the time, because she embroidered her initials twice: "entwined" and placed at an angle and decorated.

A delicate row with eye stitches separates the alphabet from the saying and a thick border with star stitches "underlines" it: "Sich regen bringt Segen." / "Hard work pays off." No idleness, no laziness - that brings praise, reward, thanks and satisfaction - for many people a motto in life at that time.

Her sampler looks very calm and balanced, also due to the four different small borders that surround the piece.


chart: € 8.-

Crosses: 165 x 164

Size: 20 x 19.5 cm


cross stitch
Algerian eyelet
star stitch
double running stitch

4 charts (Fanny Liddy Hofmann 1884, Luise Werner 1878, W. W. ca. 1900 and E. B. 1904) at a price of € 25.-